ILR Show Division Fiber Committee Minutes - January 26, 2009
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ILR Show Division

January 26, 2009

Conference Call Meeting – 7 pm EST

Committee Members – Val Carmichael
Lynda Carothers
Betty Moe
Mary Jo Miller
Fran Soukup – Chair
Pamela Tait – Secretary

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 EST. All committee members present.

Minutes from January 12, 2009, conference call already approved via email.

Mary Jo informed committee that we need to make pages for the rule book. Examples of items to be included are: divisions, classes, timeframe for showing a particular fleece, disqualifications for fleeces, etc. We will need to submit our rules to the Rules Committee for approval.

Fran to work on rules book, Lynda and Betty to help on the finished goods portion.

Committee went over the agenda proposed via email by Fran:

1. Develop a list of Frequently Asked Questions, with answers.

Val and Pam to work on developing the list of FAQ for the Fiber Committee. Questions are to be geared towards showing fleece.

2. Develop a list of big awards, annual awards, comparable to the halter year end awards, or alternate individual show suggestions.

Mary Jo to work on these ideas and get back with the group.

3. Formulate a more complete reply to Jim Krowka / incorporate his suggestions.

Fran to ask Jim’s permission to distribute the material he handed out at Nationals in November to the rest of the Fiber Committee for review and consideration. Fran also to contact Niki Kuklenski to discuss Classic llama definitions.

Committee will table a scorecard for Shorn Fleece for Classic llamas; not sure if the class will have participation in the Shorn Fleece division.

4. Update from Val on the Yahoo Group.

The Yahoo group is up and being utilized already by the Fleece Committee. Thank you to Val for her work on this.

Note: Any attachments being sent amongst the committee should be done via email, as these do not attach to everyone via the Yahoo group.

5. Identify a process for responding to new emails.

Pam (as Secretary) to respond to incoming Fleece Committee suggestions and emails and will copy Fran (as Chair). Committee will then discuss input / suggestions received from members, and Fran (as Chair) will get back to the member.

Betty made a motion to approve; Mary Jo seconded motion. Motion was unanimously passed.

6. Project budgetary needs.

Apparently, we will have a budget. The amount is yet to be announced. But, what would we want? How best can we use funds?

A suggestion was made to have all Fleece Division forms available online for members’ and superintendants’ use. Fran and Mary Jo will ask the Governing Board about the costs associated with having the forms online.

A Fleece Show Management Guide is something that will be needed. This can also be made available online.

Fleece Committee will also need some budgetary consideration for educational materials. This topic will be a continuing conversation and will be kept on the agenda.

It was suggested an article be submitted for LamaLink magazine. However, a volunteer did not come forward at this time. Fran is to contact the PR group who is preparing an ad in the Celebrity materials to request adding a bullet related to Fleece.

7. Come back to the Governing Board with a better name for Fleece on Llama, such as Fleece On.

“Fleece On” is the name we keep coming back to, although the Classic class will be referred to as “Coat On.”

Val made a motion to approve “Fleece On” for the division name; Mary Jo seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

8. Identify additional subcommittees.

Judges Subcommittee – we need to come up with rules for education for judges. Item tabled until next meeting.
Education Subcommittee – tabled.
FAQ Subcommittee – Val and Pam to work on these.
Awards Subcommittee – Mary Jo starting this off by posting a proposed list of awards.
Marketing Lama Fiber – tabled.

9. Explore the idea of a large ILR face to face meeting, no expenses paid.

Locations that have been suggested are: The Benedictine Monastery in Galesburg, IL, before the middle of March, or Celebrity, coming in a day early.

Three able to participate at Celebrity and three in Galesburg. The whole committee is not available for either of these options.

10. Fleece judging materials.

A “2 oz Spinner’s Choice” class was proposed to be added to the class lists in the Fiber Division. Since it is shorn fleece, it would technically be a class in the Shorn Fleece division. Class would need to be optional as not all fleece judges are able/willing to complete the requirements of hand spinning each entry, and this would need to be discussed prior to the superintendant hiring their judge for this class, as are many of the Products Classes.

Pam made a motion to approve this class; Val seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously.
Fran to work on scorecard for this class.

Fran also to work on rules now since the scorecards for Shorn Fleece and Fleece On are agreeable to all. Betty made a motion for approval of Fran starting on the fleece scorecard rules; Mary Jo seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously. The fleece judging subcommittee will be included in the drafting of these rules.

11. Finished Fiber Products judging materials.

Rules will need to differentiate between novice, intermediate and experienced (advanced) exhibitors not only on yarns but also on finished goods classes.

Fran asked about class placing cards and would like them to match the Halter and Performance Division’s class placing cards. Mary Jo to ask ILR Board about uniformity amongst the divisions’ scoring materials.

Next Governing Board meeting will be February 18th, 2009.

Next Fleece Committee meeting will be Monday, February 16th, 2009, and February 23rd will be our backup date.

Mary Jo made a motion to adjourn meeting; Betty seconded motion. Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 EST.

Minutes submitted by Pamela Tait, Fiber Committee Secretary.