ILR Show Division Fleece Committee Minutes - August 20, 2009
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ILR Show Division

August 20, 2009

Conference Call Meeting -  8:00 pm EST

Committee Members -  Val Carmichael, Lynda Carothers, Betty Moe, Mary Jo Miller, Fran Soukup - Chair, Pamela Tait - Secretary

Meeting was called to order at 8:01 pm EST.  All committee members present.

Minutes from May 12th meeting – approved by email and already posted on website.


Review of Fleece Clinic in Oregon
The clinic had 20 participants – 9 for the judging program and 11 educational participants.  Eight of the 9 judging participants passed the clinic. Betty made a motion to approve the 8 to apprentice; Mary Jo seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Fran will check with ILR office to make sure that all are/become ILR-SD members in order to become ILR-SD fleece apprentices.

Committee to come up with guidelines for future clinics for participants. We will need a maximum number of participants in addition to the minimum, based upon projected clinic expenses, including those as contracted with the clinic hosts. We also need a minimum age requirement for the fleece judging and educational participants.

It is noted and appreciated that Mary Jo donated fleece samples and shipping for the clinic, and Fran donated fleece samples. Gwen Ingram, Jim Krowka and Niki Kuklenski put on an excellent presentation for classic llamas. Oregon clinic may have turned a profit, but waiting on costs from clinic host and ILR office, which are still to come in.

Youth Participation in Fleece Clinics
Committee discussed youth at the clinics. After much discussion about youth ages, parental supervision, etc, Betty made a motion that youth 18 & under need to be approved by the fleece committee to attend a fleece judging clinic as an educational participant. Val seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Coat-On judging card – Re-approval –
A few minor adjustments (clarifications) were made to the Coat On judging card, based upon input by Gwen and Jim at the Oregon clinic. Motion to re-approve Coat On scorecard was made by Pam; Mary Jo seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Budget for the Fleece Committee
The finance committee re-examined our budget. It was reduced to $800. Approximately $400 has been spent on conference calls.

Fleece Products – Definitions
Betty and Lynda are working on Definitions for Fleece Products. These definitions to include the items on the fleece products scorecards.

Composite Class
The committee was asked to give their input on a Composite Scores class, which would be based on the placing of the llama within their halter and fleece classes. It was suggested to use 50% halter / 50% fleece to determine the composite score. As this is basically a clerical award / class, based solely on existing classes, the committee was in favor of it. Betty made a motion to approve the Composite Score class as stated; Lynda seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously.

60/40 Halter Class
The committee was asked to give their input on a proposed class based on 60% conformation and 40% fleece. There was much discussion of the pros and cons of this type of class and how it would affect entries in both halter and fleece. At this time, our recommendation would be to not approve this type of class; but perhaps this could be considered in the future as an optional class.

Fleece Designation on ILR Certificate
The committee was asked to discuss the possibility of including a fleece designation on the ILR certificate or on the ILR website. There was much discussion on: the accuracy of this fleece designation, as a llama’s  fleece can change types over time; many llamas fall into an in-between classification; how many judges’ designations would be needed, etc. Standards are not yet clear and precise enough. Concern was expressed that not only does fleece type change, but, also fleece coverage. The committee’s recommendation for fleece designation on the ILR certificate is that it is not something that we can do accurately at this time.

The committee reviewed the award suggestions that Pam had sent out previously by email, and Mary Jo reviewed the rules committee tentative plan for awards within the other divisions. The awards system should be consistent throughout the divisions. It was pointed out that earning a “Fleece Champion” status solely via a Shorn Fleece may not realistically be attainable due to the adverse affects shipping fleeces around the country has on shorn fleeces. Other reasons included the change in fleece over time, with Grands and Reserves going less often to older fleeces and the loss of quality of shorn fleece as it is handled from show to show. It was suggested that our division should combine Shorn Fleece, Fleece On and the 2 ounce Sample placings for each llama to count towards their “Fleece Champion” award.

The rules committee is currently working on point awards. One is similar to a Championship award and would require 25 points AND 4 Grands or 3 Grands/2 Reserves. Further, a Certificate of Achievement would be awarded at 25 points, and a Certificate of Excellence would be awarded at 40 points.

An “Elite Fleece Champion” was discussed, which would require Fleece Champion status in at least 2 of the 3 fleece divisions (Shorn, Fleece On, 2 ounce Sample). Also discussed were awards for Fleece Products, such as Fleece Products Champion and Elite Fleece Products Champion. Pam to work further on fleece products awards.

Recognition awards for ranches and farms were discussed. These would be geared towards the overall success of ranches/farms with their fleeces, whether shorn or fleece on. These awards can be earned yearly, as well as cumulatively. Pam and Val to work on ranch / farm awards.

The committee will also work on establishing a list of optional show awards for show superintendants, which will be added to the Show Management Guide.

Listing of Fiber Mills
The committee was asked to come up with a list of fiber mills that could be added to the ILR site as a convenience for owners. Lynda has been working on this for the committee. It was suggested that a nominal annual fee be charged to the fiber mills who want to be listed in order to A) pay for the upkeep of the list, and B) to keep the list accurate and up-to-date over the years. The office could charge a member fee and a non-member fee for this service. It was also suggested that we can make this a listing of not only fiber processing services, but also knitting and spinning services. Lynda to put together a sample form for Fran to take to the GB meeting on Tuesday.

Mail-In Fleece Show
Mary Jo had received a request to determine whether a fleece show can be mail-in only. It was pointed out that fleeces can already be mailed in and there are no rules stating that a fleece show cannot be solely mail-in.

FAQs for Exhibitors – addition –
Mary Jo presented the FAQ question of: “What information needs to be on the entry form?”, as well as the corresponding answers.  Pam made a motion to approve this additional FAQ; Betty seconded motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

How-to Ship Fleeces
Different methods of shipping shorn fleeces were discussed, as well as sending fleeces in plastic bags versus tissue or tablecloths. Suggestions for shipping shorn fleeces will be added to the FAQ’s for Exhibitors. To be developed by Fran.

Next conference call meeting will be set via email.

Mary Jo made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Betty seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:55 EST.

Minutes submitted by Pamela Tait, ILR-SD Fiber Committee secretary.