ILR Show Division Fleece Committee Minutes - July 12, 2010
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ILR Show Division

July 12, 2010

Conference Call Meeting – July 12, 2010, 8 pm EST

Committee Members Present – Lynda Carothers, Betty Moe, Mary Jo Miller, Judy Ross, Fran Soukup – Chair

Absent: Pamela Tait


Meeting was called to order at 8:10 pm EST. Five out of six committee members were present.

Agenda Items:

1.      Composite class

Documents for the composite class were emailed prior to the meeting for review.

To date no official rules are in place for this class. Classes are being held for points at shows in some areas. The official rules for the composite class to be effective January 2011.

Discussion – How the composite class has been received by exhibitors. Class seems to be more popular in the western shows. The fleece score will only be accepted if judged by a certified ILR-SD fleece judge. Composite classes are to include only Coat On and Fleece On entries; shorn fleece is not included in composite classes. 

Discussion – Mary Jo explained the point scoring chart.

The scoring chart was reviewed and discussed and will be presented to the governing board for approval.

         This motion was made by Betty and 2nd by Mary Jo. Motion approved.

2.      Certification for Fleece Judges

Letter dated May 24, 2010, from the ILR-SD Judges’ Committee was reviewed and changes made to the content by adding fleece wording. Fran will re-do the document to reflect the changes and send to the Fleece Committee and Judges’ Committee for approval.

Discussion – To date, some judges have been grandfathered in, some have attended the ILR-SD clinic and two by telephone conferencing with Fran.

  • Grandfathered judges should meet requirements for permanent certification by 12-1-2011.

Discussion – incoming ALSA judgesAttend an ILR-SD fleece clinic all days offered and mentor with an approved teaching judge at a sanctioned show.

         Motion was made by Mary Jo, 2nd by Lynda, motion was approved.

Discussion – incoming apprentices need to have evaluated 50 shorn fleeces and 75 fleece-on and attend the ILR-SD fleece clinic.  

         Motion was made by Judy and 2nd by Betty, motion was approved.

  • The motion was made to include as item number 2: Complete a mentorship under an ILR-SD approved fleece teaching judge using one of the following methods:

o        Mentor with an approved teaching judge at a sanctioned show. 

o        Mentor with an approved teaching judge by phone conference with the following format:

§         Confer with mentor prior to judging an ILR-SD sanctioned show

§         Upon completion of judging said show, review with mentor

§         Additional phone conferencing as mentor/judges committee deems necessary

§         Mentor will report results to the ILR-SD Judges’ Committee for approval

         This motion was made by Mary Jo and 2nd by Betty, motion approved.

         Motion was made by Mary Jo, 2nd by Lynda, motion was approved.

Discussion – On number three under ILR-SD teaching judges, the wording was changed to "attend an approved ILR-SD fleece judging clinic or complete a mentorship under an approved teaching judge."  Discussion was to keep the original content in our recommendation as, "Attend one or more days of an approved ILR-SD Educational Seminar or Fleece Clinic or complete a mentorship under an approved teaching judge."

         Motion was made by Betty and 2nd by Lynda, motion approved.

Judges who are permanently certified will need to complete an open book test which will contain different questions each year.

3.      ILR Nationals

2011 Norris Berg will be the National's Superintendent.

Location and date was discussed with nothing being decided at this time. The ILR BOD will make the decision soon.

Classes will include ALL current fleece classes and ages including all current classes for fleece products and the composite class. However, 2oz. sample will not be included.

Awards will be Grand and Reserve in all divisions. It was discussed that it would be nice to have special awards that might possibly be donated.

         Motion was made on approved classes  by Betty 2nd by Mary Jo, motion approved.

Fran was identified by the committee as liaison to the national show superintendent.

Discussion – It was assumed premium monies and ribbons be funded by the ILR. This will need to be verified.

Discussion – a sub-committee for sponsorships could be established or a member of the committee could join the larger national sponsor committee.

Discussion – qualifications for fleece judge for national show. Be in good standing, must have judged at least 2 ILR-SD shows in the past two years.  Fran will talk to Norris about these discussions.

4.      Judging clinic

Discussion – open book test for participants. Looks good and will use the same questions.

Discussion – Clinic Expectations form Points grid will be updated to include points for the participants’ process while judging the fleece and an increased emphasis on organization.

Judging clinic agenda was reviewed. Meeting was adjourned at 10:10 EST.

Minutes submitted by Pamela Tait, ILR Fleece Committee secretary.