ILR Show Division Fleece Committee Minutes - November 15, 2010
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ILR Show Division

November 15, 2010

Conference Call Meeting – November 15, 2010, 8 pm EST

Committee Members Present:    Lynda Carothers
                                                      Mary Jo Miller
                                                      Judy Ross
                                                   Fran Soukup – Chair
                                                      Pamela Tait – Secretary

Absent:                                         Betty Moe


Meeting was called to order at 8:01 pm EST. 5 out of 6 committee members were present.


Minutes from October 11, 2010, meeting – approved by email and sent to office for posting. 


Review Forms

Fran has gone through all of the Fleece Division forms and done some tweaking and re-arranging; the forms were sent ahead of time to the committee for review. Pam made a motion to approve these changes; Lynda seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Definitions for the terms “Guard Hair” and “Undercoat” were added to our fleece definitions. Mary Jo made a motion to approve these additions; Pam seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Fran had sent a list of updates for the Guidelines ahead of time for review by the committee. Also discussed was the placement of fleece scorecards within the text of the Guidelines versus only in the Appendix.

Additional Fleece Products classes

Lynda and Betty had submitted a new, “Other” fleece products scorecard to the committee for review. This scorecard is intended to be used in two ways: First, as an additional, optional class for superintendents to offer for exhibitors showing miscellaneous items that do not &#145;fit’ into the established fleece products classes (i.e. lead ropes, embroidery, etc); and second, to offer the superintendents an “Other/Misc” fleece products class which would include all of the items to be entered in (woven, knit, felted, etc), in lieu of offering each individual class. Pam made a motion to approve the Other scorecard; Mary Jo seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

The committee will need to come up with guidelines, product descriptions and fleece product definitions for this additional scorecard and class. Betty and Lynda will work on these.

2011 Fleece Clinics

Mary Jo gave the committee an update on planned fleece clinics for 2011. There is one scheduled at Niki Kuklenski’s on July 7, 8, 9 & 10, and one at Barb Baker’s April 29 through May 1. These clinics are pending approval by the judges committee. Mary Jo and Judy are instructing at the Ohio clinic; instructors at the WA clinic to be determined.

Composite Class

Mary Jo gave the committee some feedback on her experience with offering the composite class at the North American show. They had a tremendous number of entries in the class – 37! She noted that the worksheet used to compute the composite class placings is being reworked in order to make it easier for superintendents. Also noted in our discussion is to link the composite class worksheet within our Guidelines.

Get & Produce fleece classes

Pam asked for some input on the scoring for these classes from the three fleece judges on the committee, Fran, Mary Jo and Judy. There was much discussion on whether it should be scored separately, or using already scored scorecards, or a combination of the two. Fran proposed that we offer the Get & Produce fleece classes as optional classes and work out the scoring and logistics of it soon. 

Fleece Champion Trophies & Certificates

It has been approved by the board to do trophies and certificates for the fleece division. The committee decided to have the same trophies awarded as Halter and Performance, with “Fleece Champion” on them. The certificates will also be the same, but with Fleece wording. Fleece Products awards will also be consistent with the other divisions.

Combining Fleece Divisions

There was some discussion on allowing superintendents to combine fleece divisions with low numbers of entries. It was decided that we would reword as: “Show management, with the Judge’s agreement, MAY choose to combine the above divisions when anticipating low numbers of entries”. This would apply to Shorn Fleece and Fleece On.

The Gathering of Friends & Champions Show

The committee discussed the fleece division participation in the show. Volunteers should contact Norris Berg.

Committee Members

The Fleece Committee would like to acknowledge and thank Lynda Carothers for her contributions during her two years of work on the committee, as this was Lynda’s last committee meeting. Thank you, Lynda! 

Candidates for the 2011 term are already in, and electronic ballots should be coming out via email soon. 

Alpaca Fleece Judging

It was noted by one of the committee members that we have a judge listed as an alpaca fleece judge on the judges list; however, we have no guidelines, rules or scorecards for alpaca judging at this time. Mary Jo cleared up this confusion by stating that alpacas are not eligible to show in fleece, as an ILR registration number is required to show in fleece classes. Fran will contact the judges committee.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mary Jo; Pam seconded. All ayes, motion passed. 

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, January 10th, 2011. Meeting adjourned at 9:43 pm EST.

Note: All motions approved by the Fleece Committee still need to be approved by the Governing Board before they go into effect.

Minutes submitted by Pamela Tait, ILR Fleece Committee Secretary.