ILR Show Division Fleece Committee Minutes - September 24, 2012
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ILR Show Division

September 24, 2012

Committee Members PresentRawna Hamann - Secretary, Mary Jo Miller, Jenni Jimmerson, Judy Ross


Meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm EDT by Board member Mary Jo Miller. All 4 committee members were present.


Minutes from January 16, 2011, meeting - approved by email and sent to office for posting. 


1.                   First Order of business was to select a replacement Chairperson. Judy was nominated; motion made by Rawna, Jenni seconded and voted yes unanimously by the committee.

2.                   Fleece Judging Cards discussion:

a.       Modification to shorn fleece annualized weight charts.

                                                   i.      Based on research conducted by Judy, it was determined that the weight chart needed to be adjusted. Mary Jo will recalculate weights to match the 5-point scoring system and send out for approval of committee.

                                                 ii.      There was discussion regarding Judy's research and participants responses. Judy will send results of her research to Mary Jo to help balance the weight chart to make averages and scores more realistic.

b.       Based on making weight charts work no more than 5 points for top weight, the score cards were then also adjusted. Rawna submitted a suggested change in scoring for shorn fleece; Judy submitted one for fleece-on. Discussion and adjustments were made and agreed upon for a variety of reasons. There were also language changes made.

c.       The Woven Product score cards was missing scores - will need to be corrected.

d.       All changes to the cards and the guidebook of changes will need to be submitted by Mid October to the Governing board for approval.

3.                   Suggestion made to offer a youth division at shows, if enough to make a class for both shorn and fleece-on classes.

4.                   Discussion regarding names to suggest or contact to come onboard for the fleece committee election. It was suggested to get 2 new people from across the US to have representatives across the country.

5.                   2013 Gathering Discussion:

2013 Gathering dates are June 14, 15, & 16. Rawna Hamann is the fleece judge.

Workshops, Demos and Displays - getting more information out there!

a.       Continue to do a basic clinic on identifying Fleece Types

b.       Mary Jo will bring Judy's education display board that was well received last year. Samples of each fleece type: Raw  - Yarn - Knitted Square, Felted Square and Woven Square

c.       Rawna will work with Superintendent to have a Knitting Guild, spinning and demonstrations there all 3 days

4.                   Get & Produce classes for Fleece Division - Tabled

5.                   Discussion will continue via email between fleece committee members on committee approval of score card changes and revamped weight chart. The committee approved information will be sent to the Governing Board for approval at the October 18 meeting.

Next Meeting:  Date to be determined; 8:00 EDT

Motion to adjourn was made by Mary Jo; Jenni seconded. All ayes, motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm EST

Note: All motions approved by the Fleece Committee still need to be approved by the Governing Board before they go into effect.

Minutes submitted by Rawna Hamann, ILR Fleece Committee Secretary