ILR Show Division Fleece Committee Minutes - January 27, 2014
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ILR Show Division

January 27, 2014

CONFERENCE CALL MEETING: January 27, 2014, 8:00 pm EST 

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Rawna Hamann - Chair, Maryan Baker - Secretary, Kathi McKinney, Eran McCarty and Deb Yeagle                                                            


Meeting was called to order at 8:18 pm EST. committee members Rawna Hamann, Kathi McKinney, Eran McCarty, Maryan Baker, and Deb Yeagle present. 


Minutes from October 14, 2013, meeting - approved by email and sent to office for posting. 


1.  2014 Fleece committee member introductions:   The returning 2014 Fleece Committee members are Rawna Hamann, Eran McCarty, Maryan Baker and Kathi McKinney. Deb Yeagle was welcomed to the committee as a new member, and will be completing the term of Judy Ross.

2. Election of Committee Officers for 2014: Motion to nominate Rawna Hamann as Chair of the Committee was made by Maryan Baker. The motion was seconded by Kathi McKinney. Rawna Hamann was elected as the Fleece Committee Chair for 2014 with all fleece committee members in agreement. Rawna will be representing the committee at the meetings of the governing board. Rawna asked the committee members if anyone was interested in serving as committee secretary. Maryan said she was interested. Motion to nominate Maryan Baker as secretary was made by Rawna Hamann. The motion was seconded by Eran Mc Carty. Maryan Baker was elected as the Fleece Committee Secretary with all members in agreement.

3. Fleece Committee Meetings for 2014: During the meeting it was discussed that having regularly scheduled bi-monthly meeting would be the best way to work for positive committee results. The conference call meeting dates for the committee are: March 31, 2014, May 19, 2014, July 28, 2014, September 22, 2014 and November 24, 2014. The committee has set a goal to have any proposed changes for the 2015 ILR-SD Guidelines finalized and to the Governing Board by October 1, 2014.

4.  Survey and Continuing Education:  Discussion of the Fleece Survey results. Committee members were in agreement that more work is needed to foster greater interest and understanding of the fleece program. Eran McCarty said she wanted to initiate a video production demonstrating shearing and skirting for a show competition fleece and she believes she could use the venue of a sanctioned ILR-SD fleece show in her area to accomplish that task. Eran will work to find someone to film the purposed production. Committee discussed possibly involving youth by making a contest for video production. Committee also continued the conversation regarding articles for continuing education of our members written by experts outside of the fleece committee. Committee members will work to provide both sides of any controversial fleece issues so that prior to the next fleece survey the members will have the pros and cons of issues involving any changes to the fleece judging criteria. Committee members to report on fleece project status at the March 31, 2014, meeting.

5.  Opening in Fleece Committee:  Discussion of appointing a new member to the committee. Former committee member Jenni Jimmerson recently resigned from the committee. Kathi McKinney will check to see if anyone had expressed interest in joining the committee. Committee members agreed it would be good to find someone from a state not currently represented on the committee. The current committee is comprised of members from:  Indiana, Ohio, Washington and California.

Next meeting:

March 31, 2014; 8:00 EST

Motion to adjourn was made by Maryan and seconded by Eran. All ayes, motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:56 EST

Note: All motions approved by the Fleece Committee still need to be approved by the Governing Board before they go into effect.

Minutes submitted by Maryan Baker, ILR Fleece Committee Secretary.