ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - January 22, 2009
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ILR Show Division

January 22, 2009

Meeting called order
:  8:03pm EST

Roll Call:  Mary Jo Miller, Kristy Brown, Mark Smith, Fran Soukup, Beth Myers, Pam Jensen, Kathi McKinney, Father Ryan, Justin Timm, John McDougal, Jan Wassink, Tami Lash, Karen Baum. Each member of the governing committee gave a brief introduction and history.

Registry overview:  Jan discussed the operations of the ILR office and the office capabilities to handle the added work involved with the development of the ILR Show Division (ILR-SD). Jan described the functions available with ShowManager and the additional programming that may be developed if needed to meet the needs of the ILR-SD. Jan also gave a review of the change of direction the ILR has taken over the past five years, moving  from accumulating moneys in savings and certificates of deposit to using these moneys for developing member services, computer programming to improve efficiency of registry operations and web site development. 

Governing committee procedures:  Mark reviewed the process involved in the meetings of the governing board; committee reports will be given read and committee requests reviewed and discussed by the governing board. After all reports are given and discussed, the committee chairs will ask for approval of proposal(s) by the ILR Board of Directors. The ILR board will have the option to accept the proposals or return items to committee for review and redirection.

Committee Reports:  Full committee minutes will be posted on the ILR-SD section of the ILR website,

1.      Fiber Committee – presented by Fran Soukup. The fiber committee’s basic premise was to promote the use of fiber. They stressed the importance of the need to educate owners, judges and the general public about the uses of fiber. This committee also stressed the importance of using industry standards for fleece use – density, weight, production, etc.  The committee also gave proposed names for classes for both shorn and “Fleece on the Llama” classes

a.       Classic, double coat, silky with crimp, silky without crimp, suri

b.      Ages: 6-12mth, 13-24mth, 25-48mth, 49mth and older.

                The proposed classes for finished llama fleece products proposed were:

a.       Hand spun

b.      Hand knit

c.       Hand crochet

d.      Locker hooking

e.       Woven

f.        Machine knit

g.       Felted

h.       Optional classes to develop:

a.       Miscellaneous specialty items

b.      authentic llama items” – ie/ tassels, pack blankets

c.       Dyed items

2.   Finance Committee – presented by Father Ryan. Father Ryan discussed fund accounting systems as it would apply to the ILR-SD and Jan clarified the accounting basis and calendar year used by the ILR. The finance committee is preparing budgets for the ILR-SD and each committee and discussed how committees could request funds for use in development. A draft of a letter to be posted on the ILR website, and used as an ILR e-Bulletin was presented and editing suggestions made. A final draft will be sent to the ILR board for approval.

3.      Judges Committee – presented by John McDougal. John reviewed the process proposed for 2009 judge approval. Judges that have applied for ILR-SD certification have given their level of certification and any areas of experience/specialty. Apprentice judges would need to complete their certification in their respective ILR BOD approved Camelid show organization before being considered for ILR-SD certification. A judges training protocol and judging contracts are in development. There was discussion among the governing board concerning early shows that may have already hired a judge before the ILR-SD list is approved. At the suggestion of the governing board, the following exemption was made for shows occurring before March 31, 2009:

a.       The ILR-SD and its governing board would grant a one-show waiver for non-ILR certified judges that were hired before the judges list is approved and the show is held before March 31, 2009. Non-approved judges must provide a letter of reference from an ILR-SD approved judge to be considered for the one-show exemption. The show management will also be required to print a disclaimer on their entry forms, web site or other information regarding the show stating: “The judge hired for this ILR Show Division sanctioned show is hired on a one-show special exemption from the ILR Show Division and is not an ILR Show Division approved judge. The ILR Show Division, its governing board or committees cannot be held liable or responsible for the service provided by this judge.” It is the responsibility of show management to be sure all exhibitors are made aware of this disclaimer prior to exhibiting their animal(s).

4.      Halter Committee – presented by Justin Timm. Justin presented the committee suggestion to follow the entry structure used by other livestock species to have owners enter their animals in one of two age division – 5-25mths and 25mths and older. Show management would then be able to use ShowManager to generate a list of entries sorted by age, and then show management would make designations at the show grouping animals into classes based on animal age keeping a maximum of three months age difference in class and a maximum class size of 15. After much discussion it was decided that this format may not be appropriate for llama shows and puts too much work on show management.  It will be sent back to committee for restructuring. Proposed fiber divisions were Classic, Moderate (light/medium), Silky, Suri and Wooly with 20% of the scoring be based on limited fiber quality traits for Silky, Suri and Wooly. Much discussion followed – it was suggested that fiber quality not be used as a criterion for placing, but could be used at judges discretion for distinguishing between similar animals. The names and descriptions of fiber divisions will be sent back to committee.

5.      Performance Committee – presented by Tami Lash. Suggested class names and descriptions  for the 2009 show season were as follows:

a.       Companion PR – evaluate the relationship between llama/alpaca and handler performing the required tasks, as simulated with public interaction.

b.      Freestyle Obstacle – Evaluate the performance of the llama/alpaca as they negotiate certain obstacles throughout a set course.

c.       Trail Pack – evaluate the performance of the llama/alpaca as they negotiate a course which simulates what they would encounter on a trail. Does not have to be a set course or held inside a show ring environment.        

The committee also discussed developing levels of achievement based on the completion of specified tasks on each course.

6.      Youth Committee – presented by Beth Myers. The committee discussed allowing youth to show in both youth and open divisions using the same llama be left to the discretion of the show management for 2009. They also suggested the use of the same llama by multiple youth be left to the discretions of show management for 2009. It is proposed that the age of a youth as of January 1 of the show year be used as the “official” age of that youth for the entire show season. Suggested age divisions for Youth were adapted from the halter committee suggestions and are as follows for 2009:

a.       Junior – age 8-11 as of January 1st.

b.      Intermediate – age 12-18 as of January 1st and having three years or less show experience

c.       Advanced-age 12-18 as of January 1st and having four or more years show experience.

The committee agreed with the halter committee suggestion to use accumulated points to define Intermediate and Advanced in 2010 and beyond. The committee also requested that Showmanship and Performance both use these age divisions for consistency of youth classes and requested that the Youth committee have input and a single vote on decisions made that would involve youth rules. The committee also requested that for rule changes made after the “working rules for 2009” are approved, these new rules be voted on and approved, but only implement at the beginning of the next year. This would be done to avoid changes and confusion during the current show season.

7.      Rules Committee – presented by Pam Jensen. The committee proposes the use of the ILR-UAP point system. The rules committee rules will be based on what “can” be done, rather that what is not allowed. The committee suggest points from other show associations be grandfathered into a “combined show association” award to give animals’ credit for prior achievements. Subcommittees have been assigned to develop rules to enter halter classes, review rules of other animal show associations, develop a Grand Prix Tour of shows and develop a National Event that is moved around the country. There was much discussion regarding the development of a protest and grievance procedure and this was sent back to committee.

Approval of Committee Proposals:

1.       Fleece CommitteeMotion made by Mary Jo Miller to approve the suggested classes for shorn fleece, fleece on the animal and finished products as described in committee report.  2nd Kathi McKinney. Unanimous approval

2.      Finance Committee – no proposals at this time. Committee will reconvene for continued discussion.

3.      Judges CommitteeMotion made by Karen Baum to approve 2009 criterion for approval of judges as described in committee report.   2nd Kristy Brown. Unanimous approval.

4.      Halter Committee – no proposals at this time.  Committee will reconvene for continued discussion.

5.      Performance CommitteeMotion by Mary Jo Miller to approve division names and descriptions as described in committee report.  2nd Kathi McKinney. Unanimous approval.

6.      Youth CommitteeMotion made by Karen Baum to accept committee suggestion that youth entering youth and open divisions and multiple youth using the same animal be left to the discretion of show management for 2009.  2nd Kathi McKinney. Unanimous approval. Motion made by Kristy Brown to accept youth age as of January 1 of the show year to be the official age of the youth for the year.  2nd Mary Jo Miller.  Unanimous approval.  Motion made by Karen Baum to accept proposed youth age divisions for 2009 as described in committee report.  2nd Mary Jo Miller. Unanimous approval. Motion made by Kathi McKinney regarding rule changes as described in the committee report.  2nd Karen Baum. Unanimous approval.

7.      Rules Committee – no proposals at this time. Committee will reconvene for continued discussion.

Committee communications: The governing board discussed costs for the conference calls and discussed alternatives including SKYPE for computer based conference calls versus call in centers. It was recommended that committees use emails between committee members as much as possible, and save conference calls for only matters necessitating their use.

Face to Face ILR-SD Meeting: The concept of a Face to Face meeting for ILR-SD members and governing board was discussed. Father Ryan gave time available to use the monastery meeting facilities and the idea of meeting at Celebrity was also presented. Committee chairs will take this idea back to committee to discuss locations and possible dates. This would be an open forum for any ILR-SD member to attend.

The next meeting of the ILR-SD Governing Board will be Wednesday February 18, 2009, at 8pm EST.

Meeting adjourned:  11:37 EST

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary