ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - February 18, 2009
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ILR Show Division

February 18, 2009

Meeting called to order 7:05pm EST.  Mark Smith, Kristy Brown, Kathi McKinney, Mary Jo Miller, Jan Wassink, John McDougall, Fran Soukup, Beth Myers, Father Ryan, Pam Jensen, Justin Timm and Tami Lash present. Karen Baum was unable to participate due to a personal conflict.

Change of Procedure: The ILR BOD decided at their last call that we should include the Governing Board in all votes, and the ILR BOD will provide final affirmation of all Governing Board approvals. This allows more participation in decision making and still offers liability protection to all Governing Board members.

Motion to approve minutes from Jan. 22, 2009 Governing Board meeting: Motion by Pam, second by Jon. Unanimous approval.

Registrar information:

1.       All committee emails include Jan in their addresses so he can review them to be sure they fall within ILR policy and programming capability.

2.      Please report any problems you may have with the website – often problems are due to browser differences and we can help resolve them for you.

3.      We have 207 ILR-SD members to date.

4.      The ILR Calendar of Events is available for any and every llama event and all members are encouraged to post their information on the calendar.  All ILR-SD shows will be highlighted on the calendar.

5.      We have renegotiated conference call costs and new dial in numbers are available for use by those individuals having unlimited long distance calls on their private phones.  This could save us up to 50% of our conference call costs. Jan will send an email to all committee members providing them with the new numbers. Passwords will remain the same.

6.      The ILR office will setup an on-line auction site to raise money for the ILR-SD.

7.      Please send all approved minutes that are ready to be posted to the ILR-SD section of the ILR website,, to Dar for posting. Please note in the subject line that these are approved minutes for posting.  Dar’s email is Dar was out of the office attending the ILR Conference for the past week, so any minutes sent during that time have not been posted, but will be uploaded very soon.

8.      Jon credited the ILR staff for continuing to provide rapid service for registrations even in the face of the extra work due to the ILR-SD development. Jan will pass on the comments to the staff.

ILR Conference and Cruise – Kristy and Kathi summarized the positive response by conference participants in reference to the ILR-SD and the ILR programs in general. There was a silent auction on the cruise that raised over $1500 for the ILR-SD.

Committee Reports:

1.       Rules Committee – presented by Pam Jensen.

A:  General rules: Professional, Ethical, Moral and Safe approach will be used in all rules.

a.       All halter and fleece competition animals must be “LL” registered animals.

b.      Crossbreds will only be allowed in optional crossbred classes.

c.       Nonregistered animals may be used in Youth and Performance classes and would need to pay an annual $10 recording fee.

d:  Dress: professional and modest dress is suggested. There was much discussion regarding the recommendations for dress in the youth divisions.

*General rules were sent back to committee for rewording of dress suggestions.

B:  Protest Procedure: All protests must be made within 15 days of the event that is being protested. There would be a $100 fee that would need to be paid with the submission of a protest. Protest would be sent to the registrar who would forward it to a five person ILR-SD member committee who would review the protest and make a ruling. The person filing the protest would have the option of filing an appeal for an additional $100. The appeal would undergo the same review process with a different five person committee. After discussion, the Governing Board decided to raise the protest and appeal fee to $200.  Motion to approve with changes noted by Fran, second by Tami. Motion passed unanimously.

C:  Grandfathering of Other Show Association Points: The committee recommended allowing the grandfathering of points into combined awards. A  typographical error was noted and a motion to approve as corrected made by Tami, second by Fran. Motion passed unanimously.

D:  A show sanctioning form is available on the ILR-SD website at

E:    The committee submitted recommended questions and answers for the “Frequently Asked Questions” page of the ILR website,

F:  The committee has started files for all approved rules from all committees that can be easily printed into an ILR-SD Manual when all rules are approved.  The format will be easy to read and easy to access.

2.       Youth Committee – presented by Beth Myers.

A:  Age divisions for youth – there was much discussion on the suggested ages for youth and how classes could be combined. Topic returned to committee for revision.

B:  The committee will assign points to distinguish Novice and Advanced by December 1, 2009. This gives time to review the points accumulated during the year and set realistic division breaks.

C:  Showmanship classes will follow the halter committee recommendations and the youth committee prepared a list of what youth would be expected to due in the class.

D:  The committee recommends that at the discretion of show management, it is ok for youth to share an animal, but that no more than two youth use the same animal.

E:  The committee recommends that show management have the discretion to allow youth to use an animal in both youth and open divisions only if the animal is not being shared by different youth.

F:  The committee recommended that non-member youth pay an additional $5 fee to show in ILR-SD sanctioned shows. This is against rule established for ILR-SD that allows non-members to show without a non-member fee. This recommendation was rejected.

G:  Youth judging, scholarships, and education funding was tabled by committee for future discussion.

H:   The committee recommended that points only be recorded for ILR-SD member youth – this is appropriate with ILR-SD rules. The committee will work with Halter and Performance committees for verbiage on additional youth rules.

I:  The committee suggests that all entry forms have a place for signatures of parent/guardian or advisor/leader (with parent signature on file) allowing the listed youth to participate in the event. This will be added to the sanctioning documents.

J:  Mandatory tasks: The committee suggest there by 3-4 mandatory tasks for each performance class. The general concept was favorable and it was suggested the committee recommend three mandatory tasks for each performance division for youth classes and submit their recommendations at the next governing board meeting.

K:  Youth Champion Award: The youth committee recommends that rather than a youth performance champion award, that the ILR-SD have a Youth Champion Award that would have Freestyle Obstacle and Companion PR classes be mandatory and that the high score of either Trail Pack or Showmanship be used to determine the Youth Champion. Motion by Fran, second by Pam.  Motion passed unanimously.

3.       Performance Committee-presented by Tami Lash.

The performance committee presented six different sets of documents on a zip file that included description of suggested courses and rules for Governing Board review (see committee minutes). In review of them, it was suggested that the description of second attempts be removed from these documents and be considered as scoring rules are developed. Motion by Jon, second by Fran to approve all documents in zip file. Motion passed unanimously. These forms can be viewed and downloaded from the ILR website, and are titled: Performance Rules; Performance Guides and Gauges; Performance Scoring Form (for judges to begin using at upcoming ILR Sanctioned Shows); Companion PR Tasks; Freestyle Obstacle Tasks; and Trail-Pack Tasks. 

4.       Halter Committee-presented by Justin Timm.

A:  The committee asked that oral reasons be required. Unanimous approval

B:  The committee requested that showmanship be judged on preparation and presentation for halter classes, and follow the pattern of halter classes. There was considerable discussion of optional tasks that could be used for showmanship, similar to an equitation or horsemanship type class in horse showing – it was suggested that this type of class could be offered as an optional, non-point class. Motion by Pam, second by Fran. Motion passed 11 yes, one no vote.

C:  Halter class fleece divisions: The committee recommended six fleece divisions: classic, suri, silky, light/medium, medium/heavy and extreme heavy. The committee will provide detailed descriptions and photos of these divisions before final approval. Also, the committee recommended that classes be judged 90% conformation and 10% fiber traits for suri, silky, medium/heavy and extreme heavy classes and 100%conformation for classic and light/medium. After much discussion, the governing board recommended that all fleece divisions have the 90% conformation and 10% fiber consideration. Motion to approve as amended by Father Ryan, second Tami.  Motion passed unanimously. The halter committee is instructed to come back with details on descriptions and a suggested order of classes when multiple fleece types are offered. The Governing Board requested that suri and silky classes be shown first to allow animals to be moved to a different fleece division at the judges discretion.

D:  Gelding Fleece division: The committee suggested a working class and a fleece class for geldings. Much discussion followed and it was returned to committee to define non-breeders females (spayed and incapable of reproduction) instead of just geldings. 

E:  Age divisions: The committee gave recommendations for optional class breakdowns by age. Motion to approve by Father Ryan, second Pam.  Motion passes unanimously.

F:  Grand and Reserve: The committee recommended placing all animals out for grand and reserve and the animals receive points based on the total number of animals in the division. Motion by Pam, second by Tami. Motion passed unanimously.  Jan will review the points for ILR-UAP to allow for this change.

G:  Best of show – returned to committee.

H:  The committee suggested a Face-to-Face be held at Celebration, and submitted budget requests.

5.       Judges Committee-presented by John McDougall.

A:  Two new judges approved and will be added to list on website.

B:  The committee is developing a Mission Statement.

C:  A subcommittee, headed by Terry Duespohl, has been formed to develop a Judges Training/Certification program.

D:  The committee recommends that the period to allow grandfathering approved judges into the ILR-SD be closed on March 31, 2009. Apprentice judges that are currently in apprenticeship and finish their training after this date will still be grandfathered in. Motion Kristy, second Mary Jo. Motion approved unanimously.

E:  A judges’ contract for use by Show Management has been completed.

6.       Finance Committee-presented by Father Ryan.

A:  Move to Executive session-motion Pam, second Kathi.

B:  The committee needs budget requests ASAP for their meeting on Feb. 24, 2009.

C:  The committee thanked the ILR BOD for the silent auction donations from the cruise.

D:  An individual has requested permission to sell ILR-SD apparel with the ILR-SD receiving a percentage of the sales – discussion followed and the topic will be sent to the ILR BOD at their Feb. 19, 2009 meeting for a ruling.

7.       Fleece Committee-presented by Fran Soukup.

A:  The committee acknowledged that their suggested age divisions will be different from the halter committee due to differences in fiber growth patterns.

B:  The committee presented suggested class combinations for small shows and divisions for large shows.

C:  The committee presented a list of rules, definitions and fleece judging cards.  Motion by Jon, second by Pam. Motion approved unanimously.

D:  The committee proposed that all finished goods (knitting, felting, carding, etc) be classified as “Fleece Products”. Motion by Kristy, second by Pam. Motion approved unanimously.

E:  The committee will develop criteria for alpaca fleece judging.

Old Business:  There was discussion of the proposed ILR-SD Face-to-Face and it was decided that it will be held in conjunction with the ILR Annual Meeting on June 30, 2009 at the ILR office in Kalispell, MT. More information will be provided as a program is developed.

New Business: The Governing Board went into Executive Session to discuss additional programs.

Next Meeting: March 18, 2009, 7pm EST

Move to Adjourn by Pam, second Father Ryan. Meeting adjourned at 11:30 EST.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary