ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - April 18, 2009
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ILR Show Division

April 18, 2009

Meeting called to order: 7:05pm EST. Mark Smith, Kristy Brown, Kathi McKinney, Mary Jo Miller, Jan Wassink, John McDougall, Fran Soukup, Beth Myers, Father Ryan, Pam Jensen, Justin Timm, Karen Baum and Tami Lash present.

Motion to approve minutes from March 18, 2009 Governing Board meeting: Motion by Pam, second by John. Unanimous approval.

Show Results and Promotions: Llama Banner has agreed to list show results from ILR shows. We will have a conversation with Llama Life II and Lama-Link to see if they are also willing to list results.

Committee Reports:

1.      Rules Committee – presented by Pam Jensen. No meeting to report on. The committee has started files for all approved rules from all committees that can be easily printed into an on-line ILR-SD Manual when all rules are approved. The format will be easy to read and easy to access. The committee is planning a Face-to-Face to formulate the rules book. A published version will not be available until 2010. The Governing Board discussed allowing members to have points recorded from open shows. The motion made was: For 2009 only, open show superintendents that hire an ILR approved judge may request that ILR points could be awarded to ILR-SD members/exhibitors for a fee of $2.00 per head per show recording fee. Superintendants should contact the ILR office before the date of their show, have the show judge verified and point recording approved. It will be the exhibitors’ responsibility to submit their own placing and show results, and to pay the $2.00 fee on their own. Motion by Tami, second by Kathi. Unanimous approval.

2.       Finance Committee – presented by Kathi McKinney. The committee is formulating a protocol for expenses that fall outside of the budget and will form a process to submit additional financial requests.

3.      Youth Committee – presented by Beth Myers. The youth committee presented the following proposal/revisions (see YC minutes for details): 1. Parent/guardian/leader signature to participate in printed and electronic entry forms, 2. ILR Sanctioning, 3. Age Divisions – a minimum of two participants for year end points to be awarded in a class, 4. Animal Eligibility, 5. Optional Youth Classes, 6. Youth Showmanship, 7. Youth Performance-*note, some items are modified from the previously approved open performance tasks, 8. Sportsmanship, 9. Year End Awards, 10. Scholarships – change wording from Scholarships to scholarships and grants, add in the future, as finances are available, education scholarships may be awarded. All motions discussed and amendments approved. Motion by John, second by Fran.

4.      Fleece Committee – presented by Fran Soukup. The fleece committee presented proposals (see FC minutes for details) including: 1. Fleece show Placing card, 2. Fleece Product placing card, 3. Fleece show management, 4. Commonly asked questions, 5. Fleece Judging Clinic, 6. Fleece Judging outline. All six motions approved as written. Motion to approve by Pam, second by John. Unanimous approval.

5.      Performance Committee – presented by Tami Lash. The committee is discussing the scoring system for tasks, making recommendations regarding champion tabulations (overall scores combined rather than ILR-UAP points combined), tie breakers. Motion to reopen discussion of showmanship options to be discussed. Motion Tami, no second. Tami will forward placing cards from the performance committee to the governing board so each committee may modify them to meet their needs.

6.      Halter Committee – presented by Justin Timm. The minutes did not arrive until just before the board call so a second Governing Board call was scheduled to give the committee time to review the requests.

7.      Judges Committee – presented by John McDougall. The committee reviewed Mike Haumschild as a performance judge and Linda Hayes as an alpaca fleece judge and she would require a judging clinic and/or an apprenticeship for llama fleece judging. Motion to approve by Jon, second by Mary Jo. Unanimous approval. As a side note, the deadline for consideration for grandfathering of judges into the ILR-SD for 2009 only has passed. The exception to this would be judges who are currently in Camelid judging apprenticeships; they may apply for grandfathering consideration after completion of their apprenticeship. All judges who are already grandfathered for 2009 will need to recertify for 2010. A judges’ training/certification program is in development and scheduled for governing board approval in mid-July.

Old Business: None to review.

New Business: Tabled until April 21, 2009 meeting.

Next Meeting: April 21, 2009 at 8pm EDT to review halter committee and discuss new business.

Move to Adjourn by Pam, second John. Meeting adjourned at 10.11 EDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Brown, GB Secretary