ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - May 19, 2009
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ILR Show Division

May 19, 2009

Meeting called to order: 7:05pm EDT.  Karen Baum, Kristy Brown, Pam Jensen, Tami Lash, Kathi McKinney, Mary Jo Miller, Beth Myers, Father Ryan, Mark Smith, Fran Soukup, Justin Timm, and Jan Wassink were present. Jon McDougall was unable to join the call due to animal emergency.

Motion to approve minutes from April 14 and April 21, 2009 approved by email and posted.

National Show Proposal – Father Ryan did not present a budget and made a decision to table pursuing a national show for 2009 and will instead pursue the Magnum Opus event as an individually sponsored ILR-SD sanctioned show. The ILR board had discussed developing a national show committee on their last call and asked that the ILR-SD Governing Board submit names to form a national show development committee for 2010. Please submit names by June 1. 2009.

Committee Reports:

1.   Judges committee – Mark Smith reporting for John McDougall. No proposals are presented at this time. Terry Duespohl and his subcommittee are finalizing the judging training proposal and will present it to the committee for the next meeting. 

2.       Halter committee – presented by Justin Timm. 

a.       Fleece descriptions – the halter committee and the fleece committee worked together to develop a description of the approved fleece classes.  After much discussion the Governing Board suggested restating the description for suri to remove heavy fleece weight and have it read heavy density of lock. Motion by Pam and second by Beth.  Motion passed unanimously pending approval of changes by the halter committee.

b.       Production Pair – the production pair could be substituted for the Get of Sire and Produce of Dam in the event that there are less than four groups in total with the Get of Sire and the Produce of Dam classes. The Production Pair would be defined as two offspring representing either the sire or dam and be judged as the ability of a parent to pass on positive traits to their offspring. Motion by Pam, second by Mary Jo.  10 Ayes, one Abstain. Motion passes.

c.       Best of Show – since no points will be assigned no approval is needed.

3.        Fleece Committee – presented by Fran Soukup.

a.       Submitted changes to the Fleece Guidelines, with the addition of 2 oz. samples, scoring cards for 2 oz. samples, Guidelines for Fleece Products, and Frequently Asked Questions for Fleece Exhibitors. Motion by Pam, second by Justin.  Motion passed unanimously.

b.       Halter judges are encouraged to attend the fleece judging clinic on July 17-19, 2009 in Sparta, WI and a reduced rate will be offered to halter judges because it will be a one day clinic. The deadline for registration for the clinic is July 1, 2009.

4.        Performance Committee – presented by Tami Lash.

a.       Tabulation Table and Placing Cards presented. Motion by Pam, second by Kristy.  Motion passed unanimously.

5.        Youth Committee – presented by Beth Myers. 

a.       The youth committee requests that youth can use not more than two animals in total in the youth performance classes and showmanship to qualify for youth championship award at shows. Also, youth may not use more than one animal in each class.  Motion by Fran, second by Karen.  Motion passed unanimously.

b.       The youth committee is working up plans for a youth webpage with an estimated cost of $300 for development. Father Ryan stated that the committee needs to submit a budget request to the Finance committee for approval. The monies will come out of printing costs area in the budget.

6.       Finance Committee – presented by Father Ryan.  No items presented for review.  The committee will review the budget, on-line auction items, pledges made to the ILR-SD, and fund raising ideas such as 50/50 raffles.  It was suggested that the committee prepare a document detailing how to set up fund raisers at individual shows.

7.       Rules Committee – presented by Pam Jensen.

a.       Adult showmanship – the committee clarified that there are no special numbers required to track points for adult showmanship.

b.       Guidelines document is in progress and the committee requests that all approved rules be submitted by June 1, 2009. The guidelines document will be uploaded to the ILR website,, as soon as prepared.

c.       Grand Prix series of shows – some preliminary discussion of a series of shows held in conjunction with other livestock events was presented. A subcommittee is in place to develop the concept.

d.       Along these lines, the ILR board proposed the idea of soliciting sponsors for the late season shows and let shows apply for additional premium moneys. A committee will be formed to investigate the concept.

New Business:

1.       Dr. Karen Baum’s term on the ILR Board is expiring and this will be her last ILR-SD Governing Board call. She was thanked for her years of service on the ILR Board and her service to the ILR-SD. 

2.       The ILR Board is sending Kathi McKinney to Camelid Community as a representative. Kathi will forward information to the ILR-SD Governing Board and encouraged everyone to consider attending the event on July 31-August 2, 2009.

Next meeting:  Tuesday June 23, 2009 at 8pm EDT.

Motion to Adjourn by Beth, second by Mary Jo.  Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned, 9:43 EDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Brown, GB Secretary