ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - May 19, 2009
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ILR Show Division

June 23, 2009

Meeting called to order at 8:07pm EDT.  Mark Smith, Kathi McKinney, Bill Safreed, Mary Jo Miller, Kristy Brown, Pam Jensen, Fran Soukup, Justin Timm, Beth Myers, Tami Lash, John McDougal and Jan Wassink present.  Larry Steffel was unable to attend the call.

Welcome to Bill Safreed as the new ILR Board member.  Bill S. will replace Karen Baum as the ILR representative to the Performance Committee. 

Approval of minutes from the May 19, 2009 governing board meeting.  Motion by Mary Jo M, second by Pam J.  Motions passed unanimously.

The Board reviewed the recent events regarding the ILR Board election, and opened the floor for discussion and questions.

National Show Committee: The ILR Board will appoint a National Show Committee to investigate the feasibility, logistics and time frame for an ILR-SD National Show. The committees are invited to submit additional names for consideration, and the ILR Board will appoint the National Show Committee at the Face-to-Face on June 29, 2009 thru July 1, 2009.

ILR Show Division (ILR-SD) Committee Reports:

1.        Rules Committee – presented by Pam Jensen.

a.       Guidelines Manual – a preliminary draft of the guidelines will be forwarded to the Governing Board. Each committee is asked to review the pertinent sections and clarify the presentation of their proposal.

b.       Parade of Shows – a subcommittee is compiling a list of major llama shows. They are also preparing a list of qualifications for a “parade” show including the event being held in conjunction with another livestock event, possibility of crowd involvement, demonstrations, etc. There is an email established for this subcommittee, for members to use to provide input regarding the development of this concept.

c.       One committee member resigned and needs to be replaced.

2.        Judges Committee – presented by John McDougal.

a.       Education subcommittee is finalizing the judges training/certification program and will submit it for approval at the July meeting.

3.        Halter Committee – presented by Justin Timm.

a.       New member of committee to replace Bill Safreed – the committee requests the addition of Amy Serridge to the halter committee. Motion to accept by  Kristy B., second by Kathi M. Motion passed by the ILR Board unanimously.

b.       Miniature Llama Group Proposal – the mini group submitted a proposal for halter class maximum heights after the halter committee met and it will be presented to the governing board at the July meeting.

c.       The halter committee has prepared education pages for the website including the approved descriptions and photos of the llamas of different fleece types to help educate the membership as to the appropriate class to enter their animals in. Allen Schott, the ILR IT person, is working with the committee to post these pages.

4.        Performance Committee – presented by Tami Lash.

a.       The committee submitted a proposal describing a standardized scoring process.  Motion to approve as submitted by Mary Jo M, second by Kristy B. Motion approved unanimously.

b.       The committee will begin discussion of the driving portion next.

5.       Youth Committee – presented by Beth Myers.

a.       A Youth Web Page is in development thanks to donations by two ILR-SD members.

b.       Youth Judging ideas are being circulated by the committee, but nothing has been finalized.

6.       Finance Committee – presented by Kathi McKinney.

a.       New member of committee to replace Father Ryan Scott – the committee requests the addition of Larry Steffel to the Finance committee. Motion to accept by Mary Jo M., second by Mark S. Motion passed by the ILR Board unanimously.

b.       The committee is reviewing the ILR-SD budget and making needed modifications.

7.       Fleece Committee – presented by Fran Soukup.

a.       The committee request approval for Fleece Clinic at Sisters, OR. Motion to approve by Pam J., second by John M. Motion approved unanimously.

b.       The fleece committee request approval for a reduced rate education only fee of $100.  Motion by Pam J., second by Justin T. Motion passed unanimously.

c.       Budgets for the fleece clinics for Sparta, WI and Sisters, OR were discussed. Motion to approve both Fleece Clinics as pilot programs to establish a financial request form for future clinics. Motion by Beth M., second by Fran S. Motion approved unanimously.

Additional Agenda Items: After using the approved placing cards, the ILR has received feedback that the format they are in on the ILR-SD website is “portrait,” making the forms long and narrow. Tami will contact Dar W. at the ILR Office and ask they be reformatted into “landscape” orientation.

Next meeting: Tuesday July 28, 2009 at 8pm EDT.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:36 p.m. EDT motion by Pam J., second by Mary Jo M. Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary