ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - July 28, 2009
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ILR Show Division

July 28, 2009

Meeting called to order at 8:03 EDT. Mark Smith, Kathi McKinney, Bill Safreed, Kristy Brown, Fran Soukup, Pam Jensen, Tami Lash, Beth Myer, Justin Timm, Larry Steffel and Jan Wassink present. Unable to attend call – Mary Jo Miller and John McDougall.

Executive Committee: The ILR Board suggested that an executive committee be formed to handle decisions between Governing Board meetings and any decisions made by them would be ratified at the next Governing Board meeting. It was suggested that the committee be made up of the ILR President, the ILR Vice-president and three committee chairpersons. Mark suggested the committee chairs for the rest of 2009 be Justin, Fran and John. All agreed to these suggestions.

Committee ElectionsNominations in Sept. – committee members whose term has expired can run again.

         ILR-SD members can nominate themselves for ONE committee

         Ballots go out October 15

         Ballots counted late November

         Winners announced December 1st

         New BOD members take office January 1, 2010

Information Rights: All information developed from the ILR-SD committees will be jointly owned by the developers and the ILR-SD. No discussion.

Requiring DNA for ILR Champions –  the ILR Board had discussed requiring DNA for all champions at the Face-to-Face and presented the options to the Governing Board. There was discussion regarding whether it is necessary or not. Many species spot check DNA on champions or for certain placings. The ILR Board has  discussed requiring DNA be on file and stored for all new registrations in 2010 so if the IL-SD would decide to spot check, it would be easy to do so after 2010 if that is deemed necessary. Topic  tabled.

National Show Committee –  no report, Mary Jo not on call.

Committee Reports:

1.       Fleece Committee – presented by Fran

a.       WI Fleece Judging Clinic – 8 attendees, 5 for judging and 3 for education. The class was well received by participants – Fran has already shared the evaluations with the Governing Board. There was a net profit on the clinic of $1.42

b.       OR Fleece Judging Clinic – 19 paid attendees.

2.        Finance Committee – presented by Larry

a.       Revised budget year-to-date presented and discussed.

b.       Request by the finance committee to make the Public Relations/Promotions (PR/P) subcommittee a separate entity from the finance committee. There was much discussion and a suggestion was made that the PR/P become an ILR committee and if there were promotions related to the ILR-SD, the committee would address those needs. Monica Brown has volunteered to chair the committee and solicit her committee members pending ILR approval. The PR/P would be assigned a budget for their committee. Topic tabled.

c.       The finance committee will prepare a template for finance requests for clinics.

d.       Reimbursement procedure was discussed – receipts and administration fees should be submitted to Jan at the ILR office for reimbursement.

3.        Youth Committee – presented by Beth. No report.

4.        Performance Committee – presented by Tami.

a.   The following recommendations are presented for review and hopefully
approval at the next scheduled meeting on 7-28-09 for inclusion in the
current edition of the ILR-SD Guidebook.

1)   Novice animals may participate in advanced classes with no status
restriction, until they have earned 35 points in Novice or 5 points in

 a)   This is not mandatory, novice animals may remain in novice until
they have reached their 35 novice points.

 b)   If a handler feels their novice animal can handle an advanced course and not set their llamas training back, they can show them in the advanced classes to help class numbers, etc.

c)   Once a novice animal earns 5 points in advanced, they then must move up to the advanced level.

2)  Shows that offer driving classes should have a separate Champion and
Reserve award for Driving. These same classes will not be eligible to be
included in the Performance Championships as they currently stand.
Necessary slight modifications to the tabulation tables would be necessary and should be approved at the same time.

A Versatility Champion award could be added as optional for show management above and beyond the Performance and Driving Champion/Reserve Championships.


      The Versatility Champion would be inclusive of every class a llama is
entered and shown in during the duration of a scheduled show. This would not be inclusive of any youth or group classes.

3)    We request that Ground Driving be changed to a point class.
This will result in the following change to the performance section of the ILR-SD Guidebook, on page 19.  *Note – the same description will be added for going back and forth between novice and advanced.

        2. Performance Classes
         (1-3 to remain the same)
        (4)  Open Road/Pleasure Driving
        (5) Obstacle/Manuvering Driving
        (6) Open Road/Pleasure Ground Driving
        (7) Obstacle/Manuvering Ground Driving
A llama can only enter one division of each (i.e., they can be in Open Road Driving and Obstacle/Maneuvering Ground Driving, or in Open Road Ground Driving and Obstacle/Maneuvering Driving, but not in BOTH Open Road Driving and Open Road Ground Driving, nor in BOTH Obstacle / Maneuvering Driving and Obstacle / Maneuvering Ground Driving); likewise a llama could be in both driving classes, but eligible for multiple-hitch ground driving classes at the same show.

Also, llamas who have earned Driving class points may not go back to Ground Driving classes of the same type  Note points, not ribbons or places, because 2nd out of two or 1st place out of one doesn't prove readiness for working in harness.

Motion to approve recommendations by Beth, second by Fran.Unanimous approval.

5.        Halter Committee – presented by Justin.

a.       The halter committee approved the new miniature llama subcommittee recommendations for maximum height for a class. The recommendations will be forwarded to the ILR-SD governing board for evaluation.

b.       There was discussion of allowing “prescreening” for classes before the class starts either early in the day or before the class starts. There was much discussion that prescreening before the show will be very complicated for classes beyond suri and silky as they evaluate coverage. The halter committee will re-address the issue to the judges committee.

c.       Photos and descriptions of all ILR-SD approved fleece descriptions – the halter committee is waiting for one last photo and will forward the links for the photos and descriptions.

d.       The committee discussed allowing a non-sanctioned judge to judge independently with an approved judge for a double show and have the entries receive points. The “guest” judge would have to be approved by the judges committee. One reason given was that there may be no approved judges in a reasonable proximity to save costs for the show.  There was much discussion regarding how this affects the already approved and certified judges and that led to judges’ recertification. The Governing Board suggested that the halter committee and judges committee discuss the matter. Tabled and returned to committee.

e.       Having a composite class considering 60% conformation / 40% fleece based on the placings from each class. The placings from the halter class and walking fiber will be used in the equation. For example, if the 1st place animal from the halter class of 19 was 6th in walking fleece class of 10 the composite score would be computed as 19 x 0.6 + 4 x.4= 13 out of a possible 15.4. This would be the composite score that would be compared to the other animals that were entered in both classes for the composite placing. The halter score would be used as the tie breaker. They can either be judged the same person if approved for halter and fleece, or a different person. 

                                                                           i.      The Governing Board would suggest changing the composite percentage to 50/50 rather than 60/40. Returned to committee for further clarification and coordination with the fleece committee. Tabled and returned to committee.

f.         There was discussion of adding a separate halter class that would evaluate conformation/fleece judged at 60/40 in addition to the 90/10 approved classes. There was much discussion how it would affect choices of judges and judges training. Returned to committee for further discussion and better definition of what is required and coordination of the proposal with the fleece committee before it is sent to the membership for an opinion.

6.        Judges Committee – presented by Mark because John was unavailable. No report.

7.        Rules Committee – presented by Pam.

a.       A report was given from the US Llama Show League subcommittee – shows held in conjunction with other livestock events.

b.       Review of suggestions of the ILR Board regarding awards and certificates issued.

Camelid Community – represented by Kathi and Kristy for both ILR and ILR-SD. They will send a report to the Governing Board after the event.

New Business

1.        There was discussion of including a fleece designation on the ILR certificate or on the ILR website. There was discussion of how many walking fleece classes they would need to participate in to achieve that designation. The ILR can currently sort based on placings in fleece divisions and these results can be added into the data base. 

2.       There were questions regarding points for the Grand/Reserve placings – the points are based on the entire number in the division. 

3.       The ILR programmers are still working on being able to track ILR points and we will announce this as soon as possible.

4.       There was a reminder to the group to remind people that we are still in the development phase of this new show association and we appreciate people’s inputs, both positive and negative, and encourage people to work with us as we develop the ILR-SD. This was developed by and for the membership.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday August 25, 2009 at 8pm EDT   

Motion to Adjourn at 9:54 by Pam, second by Fran. Unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted, 

Kristy Brown, Secretary