ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - August 25, 2009
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ILR Show Division

August 25, 2009

Meeting called to order:  8:06 pm EST.  Mark Smith, Bill Safreed, Mary Jo Miller, Jan Wassink, John McDougall, Fran Soukup, Larry Steffel, Pam Jensen, Justin Timm and Tami Lash present.  Beth Myers joined the call at a later time.  Kristy Brown and Kathi McKinney were unable to attend due to personal conflict.

Minutes from July 28, 2009 minutes approved via email.

Committee Reports:

National Show Committee presented by Mary Jo – The committee had their first meeting. Committee members are, Hank Hauffman – Chairman, Mary Beth McCormick – Secretary, Judie Moser, Amy Serridge and Mary Jo Miller. They are gathering information and data and would like to have Hank Kaufman, Chair of the committee, to present the committee report at the September Governing Board meeting. Governing Board approved Hank joining the September call for that purpose.

Rules Committee resented by Pam Jensen – Pam made an update on the progress of the online ILR-SD Guidebook.  Halter information is now complete and so they are able to finish the guidebook. Pam asked if anyone has anything additionally to add to contact her immediately. 

Judges Committee presented by John McDougall Judges committee received a resignation from a member due to personal reasons. Judges committee in process of filling that position and will ask for Governing Board approval at that time.

John further reported the approval of the apprentices from both the WI and OR fleece clinics. He noted the approval was for only those apprentices receiving at least an 80% grade. It was also noted, once an apprentice was approved, the apprentice needs only to contact the presiding judge to request apprenticing. The Judges committee only needs notification of the apprenticeship.

Judges committee also approved Fleece Judge Certification for Fran Soukup and Mary Jo Miller due to their fleece clinic work/instruction. The judges committee further approved Fran Soukup as a fleece instructor and Mary Jo Miller as an assistant fleece instructor. A motion was made by Pam and 2nd by Bill to approve both the certification and the instructor and assistant instructor status as approved by the halter committee. Motion carried.

Judges committee approved the limitation of 2 apprentices for fleece on and 4 apprentices for shorn fleece. Fran made a motion to accept the judges committee recommendation. Pam 2nd. Motion carried.

Judges committee tabled the Prescreening before a halter class discussion.

The possibility of a composite class representing 50% halter and 50% fleece was favored by the Judges committee pending additional input from both the halter and fleece committees.

The verification of ILR-SD membership for both judges and apprentices was discussed.  Jan is asking for the ILR office to bundle contact information for use of the halter committee.

Judges committee was asked to give a recommendation for allowing judges and or apprentices to participate as a judge and/or apprentice at any given show and then also exhibit their animals at this same show. Judges committee asked for input from the Governing Board via email and will get back to Governing Board with a recommendation.

Performance Committee presented by Tami Lash   The August meeting was rescheduled to September. The committee is working on Champion Table Sheets and will get these to the Governing Board.  The Point Chart is now on the website and the performance rules have been updated in reference to the online Guideline Book.

Finance Committee presented by Larry Steffel – Finance committee happy to report everything is within budget at this time. They are also working on a template for use in requesting funds.

Fleece Committee presented by Fran Soukup Fran reviewed the finances for the OR Fleece Clinic. She is waiting for some final bills to calculate bottom line.  

Fleece committee is in favor of the Composite Class on a 50/50 basis. They are not in favor of the 60/40 halter class and suggest that this idea be tabled for a possible future optional class.

Fleece Designations on ILR Registration Certificates was discussed and is going back to committee for further analysis.

Fleece committee proposed in calculating lifetime awards for fleece, the combination of wins/points from shorn, fleece on and 2 oz samples be used for each animal. They are also discussing a possible farm fleece award and some type of fleece product award.

Fleece committee is working on a listing of Fiber Mills for the ILR website and suggest that a small annual charge be included with this listing as it is a form of advertising and that would enable the contact data to be updated annually.

Halter Committee presented by Justin Timm No report

Youth Committee presented by Beth Myers No report

Additional Agenda Items or New Business

Mark asked for an opinion on establishing an 8th committee for Marketing and Promotion. Discussion saw a need for such a committee.  

Beth Myers volunteered to compose a “Why Choose ILR-SD Shows in 2009” document. Beth will forward to all Governing Board members for additional input.

Mary Jo asked for volunteers for a possible fund raiser.

Next meeting set for September 29, 2009 at 8:00 EST

Motion to adjourn by Pam, Fran 2nd.  Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 9:22 p.m. EST

Respectfully submitted, 

Mary Jo Miller
Substitute Secretary for Kristy Brown