ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - September 29, 2009
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ILR Show Division

September 29, 2009

Meeting called to order: 8:05pm EDT.Bill Safreed, Kristy Brown (ILR Secretary), Pam Jensen, Tami Lash, Kathi McKinney (ILR Treasurer), Mary Jo Miller (ILR Vice-President), Beth Myers, John McDougall, Larry Steffel, Fran Soukup, Justin Timm, and Jan Wassink (ILR Registrar) were present.  Mark Smith (ILR President) was unable to make the call.

Next meeting: Tuesday October 27, 2009 at 8pm EDT.

Motion to approve minutes from August 25, 2009 approved by email and posted.

National Show Research Committee – Hank Kaufman joined the call to report on the progress of the National Show Research Committee. The committee sent out a summary statement a few days ago for the governing board to review prior to the call. The committee recommends that there is a need for a national championship show to showcase quality animals. The committee recommends holding the event in conjunction with a major livestock event to increase exposure of llamas and the ILR-SD. They recommend annual qualifying, no automatic qualification. The committee is researching the prerequisites that other livestock industries use for their national show. The committee feels that it is important to define qualification requirements and have this system in place for a full year before setting a date for the first national show. The committee is reviewing the demographics of the ILR-SD shows for 2009 to evaluate the progression we should take for the ILR-SD. The committee feels the national show should be self sustaining financially. The committee estimates that it would take approximately 75 shows to allow adequate qualifying opportunities for the membership. The committee feels that 2010 is too soon to host a national show, but strongly recommends that we use 2010 to hold an anniversary show or two anniversary shows as a precursor or template for a national event. A superintendent and committee need to be assigned as soon as possible if we are to pursue an event in 2010. A motion was made for the National Show Committee to develop the qualifying criterion for both an anniversary event and a national show and to pursue an event location. Motion by Kristy, second by Tami. Motion passes unanimously.

Committee Reports:

1.        Judges Committee – presented by John McDougall.

a.       The committee has accepted Terry Duespohl’s verbal resignation and Judy Moser has been chosen to replace Terry.  Barb Harris is the new secretary for this committee.

b.       Approval of Judy Ross as an ILR-SD Fleece judge.  Motion to approve by Pam, second Tami.  Motion approved unanimously.

c.       Education subcommittee – Fran Soukup, Judy Baker, Wally Baker and Barb Harris are on the subcommittee, but the committee has lost its chairperson and is seeking a replacement chairperson.  A few suggestions have been made for the committee to pursue.

d.       Grandfathering of judges will likely need to happen for 2010 judges.

e.       Peer review may be utilized to recertify judges.

f.        A suggestion has been made that we have a skills test to determine competency of judges rather than a structure that requires a minimum amount of clinics/apprenticeships.

g.       A “roundtable discussion” format to discuss judging “situations” encountered during judges – what if and how do you respond.

h.       The committee requests an email group be made thru the ILR for judges and apprentices so the judges committee can communicate with them.  Jan will have the programming for that done in the office.

2.       Fleece Committee – presented by Fran Soukup.    The committee is working on awards recommendations and to clarify qualifications for fleece judges.  The OR fleece clinic generated a $500 profit.  The fleece committee had considerable discussion related to the Danish method of judging for fleece. The committee concluded that it will recommend Danish judging be a no point option for fleece both on and off the llama.  There were no items for approval.

3.       Finance Committee – presented by Larry Steffel.  The committee is revamping the budget based on current income levels and will be distributing these to the committee chairs.  The committee will review fees for the 2010 show season and will make recommendations at the next governing board.  The committee is also working on a template for clinics and hopes to have it for the next governing board meeting.   There were no items for approval.

4.       Rules Committee – presented by Pam Jensen.

a.        Halter, Fleece and Performance Awards proposed: Award system for the ILR-SD

ILR-SD Champion (halter) –

Obtain 25 points and 4 Grand Championships or 3 Grands and 2 Reserve Grands

COA (Certificate of Achievement) – Obtain 25 points

COE (Certificate of Excellence) – Obtain 40 points

No minimum division size

b.       The COA and COE awards will give people something to work towards and continue to accumulate points.

c.       It is recommended that Futurity show placings be allowed to count, PROVIDING the futurity judge(s) are ILR-SD approved judges. Most llamas would only be eligible for these points for a 2 year period as they are then beyond the age for showing in a futurity. If the Governing Board votes to not allow futurity placings to count, then the Rules Committee recommends that there be a special recognition statement on the ILR registration form for achievement in the futurity venue.

d.       It is recommended that the levels of achievement (halter and futurity) be shown on the ILR registration form. A current owner would be able to request a new certificate for a minimum fee (recommend $5.00) that would show these awards. If and when the animal is sold, the newly issued certificate would automatically show any ILR-SD awards earned.

Motion to approve as proposed. Motion by Kristy, second by Fran. Motion passed unanimously.

                        e.  REGISTRATION RULES FOR SHOWING

“LL” ILR registered llamas only can be shown in Halter and Fleece Classes.

ILR registered Crossbred lamas can only be shown in crossbred classes.

Non-ILR registered or llamas without an ILR listing number may show in the Performance, Showmanship, Youth divisions or other optional classes only after obtaining an ILR Tracking Number. There will be an annual fee of $10.00 for this Tracking Number.  

Need to change to lamas so that alpacas can be included in performance, showmanship and youth.

Motion to change wording by Fran, second by Pam. Motion passed unanimously.

5.       Youth Committee – presented by Beth Myers. No report.  

6.       Halter Committee – presented by Justin Timm. 

Composite Award: 

The purpose of the composite award is to both award animals with exceptional conformation and fleece characteristics, and also to encourage participation in both the halter and fleece on classes.

Animals that have participated in both an ILR-SD approved halter class (suri, silky, classic, light-medium, medium-heavy or extreme heavy) and an ILR-SD approved Fleece-On class (coat on, suri, single coat with crimp, single coat without crimp or double coat) are eligible to receive a composite award.

The award will incorporate the points awarded for both halter and fleece on classes. The points used will be either the halter class/fleece class points or if the animal participated in the championship class, those points will be awarded, whichever is higher. In the event of a tie, the animal with a higher halter score will be given the higher award. 


                        Animal A – 6 halter points, 2 fleece-on points                  Score:  8

Animal B – 4 halter points, 4 fleece-on points                  Score:  8

                                    Winner would be animal A

ILR-SD points awarded for composite awards will be based on the number of animals qualifying for the awards. Show management has the discretion to offer composite awards in each fleece on division or if overall participants are low, they may combine the divisions and give one group of fleece on awards . If participant numbers are great enough, male, female and non-breeder awards may be given as well. 

Motion to accept as proposed by Tami, second by Fran. Motion passed unanimously.

7.       Performance Committee – presented by Tami Lash. The committee is working on the driving section and looking for possible changes for 2010. No items for approval.

New Business:  

1.       Request by Tami Lash to have permission to give out ILR-SD and ILR-UAP awards at a show she is hosting on November 14, 2009 in Michigan. Motion to allow distribution of award materials at Tami’s fall show. Motion by Pam, second by Bill. Motion passed unanimously.

2.       The rules committee is asked to prepare a statement regarding superintendents showing their own animals at a show.

Motion to Adjourn by Tami, second by Pam. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned, 10:01 pm EDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary