ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - October 27, 2009
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ILR Show Division

October 27, 2009

Meeting called to order: 8:05pm EDT. Bill Safreed, Mark Smith, Kristy Brown, Pam Jensen, Tami Lash, Mary Jo Miller, Beth Myers, Fran Soukup, and Jan Wassink were present. Justin Timm, Larry Steffel, Kathi McKinney & John McDougall were unable to attend the call.

Motion to approve minutes from September 26 approved by email and posted.

Committee Reports:

1.       Judges Committee – presented by Mark Smith. No report.

2.       Performance Committee – presented by Tami Lash. The committee sent out a report on the guidelines for driving for review. There was discussion regarding the order of cart driving and ground driving and the option to move between them based on animal behavior that day.  These comments will be returned to the committee for revision. There has also been discussion regarding novice animals at shows – two issues that have evolved are advanced youth animals showing in open novice and issues regarding animals being moved from novice to advanced without exhibitor knowledge. The committee asks for the governing board input as to rewording the descriptions of novice and advanced. 

3.      Finance Committee – Larry Steffel and Kathi McKinney were both absent from the call.   

4.       Halter Committee – presented by Kristy Brown. No report.

5.       Youth Committee – presented by Beth Myers. The purpose of youth judging will be to learn more about showing and judging and prepare them for future judging opportunity if they wish to pursue it. Beth will resend a request to each committee requesting  information be submitted to each committee for the information they feel valuable to include, and then the youth committee will massage the materials into a presentation appropriate for youth. Fran suggested that there be a judges scoring tool for youth judging.

6.        Rules Committee – presented by Pam Jensen. The committee proposes the following: “A show superintendent may enter their animals in a show providing someone else shows their animals. In the event the person that is to show those animals cannot, the superintendent may show their animals themselves, providing the matter is brought up at the exhibitors meeting and all exhibitors agree to it. Should there be any issues, then the superintendent cannot show their own animals." This will assist the smaller shows that are lacking in numbers to increase those numbers. And, we are trusting our ILR-SD judges to judge the animals and not the handler - we are relying on their ethics as a judge. There was much discussion of this and whether apprentice judges and immediate family members of presiding judge should not be allowed to show. Fleece judges and apprentices are exempted from this ruling. Returned to committee for discussion and rewording. Will be presented in November.

7.       Fleece Committee – presented by Fran Soukup. No report.

New Business:  

1. was suggested as an economical way to hold conference calls – it will be investigated to determine if it is feasible for dial-up connections. The price is $39 per month for unlimited conference call and web-meetings. There is a trial one month free trial. Jan will investigate the option for conference calls – if it is possible and get it set up for next months call if it is available.

2.       ILR-SD Committee nominations. The group discussed the nominees for each committee.  Fleece and performance do not have nominees at this time. 

3.       ILR-SD Awards Show Proposal – Jan prepared a proposal regarding shows wishing to host an ILR-SD Awards Ceremony at their events.

4.       Dar asked that each committee review what is posted as guidelines under each committee and compare them to the posted guide book.

Old Business:

1.       Silver Anniversary Event:  the committee and volunteers are still investigating possible venues and are waiting for the boards of each association to meet regarding adding llama shows to Kansas City Royal, World Dairy Expo and World Beef Expo events.  The NAILE has expressed willingness to host the event.

Next meeting date: Tuesday November 24, 8pm EST.

Motion to Adjourn by Pam, second by Fran. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary