ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - October 27, 2009
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ILR Show Division

April 27, 2010

Meeting called to order at 8:04pm EDT. Mark Smith, Kathi McKinney, Bill Safreed, Mary Jo Miller, Kristy Brown, Jan Wassink, Justin Timm, Fran Soukup, Beth Myers, Jim Krowka, Pam Jensen and Ed Bender present. Larry Steffel joined the call late and Kathi McKinney was unable to make the call.

Committee Reports

1.   Performance Committee: presented by Jim Krowka.

Proposals for the Governing Board from that meeting.

a.   ILR-SD membership NOT required to participate in CCC trials or have achievements recorded on a llama’s web page or earn UAP points. The governing board discussed the need for consistency within the ILR_SD and ILR membership requirements.

b.   All participating llamas must be either ILR registered or have an ILR tracking number.

c.   Youth are not required to have ILR membership and can participate and have their achievements recorded with the same requirements as per SD rules until they are 18 after which they will participate with adult.

d.   Adults can participate in Basic Camelid Citizenship Level without ILR membership and have llama achievement recorded. Participation in CCC trials beyond the Basic Citizenship level will require ILR membership.

Concerning above discussion points – Motion pending approval of the performance committee: Anyone, youth or adults, could participate in the CCC trials, but only ILR members would have their accomplishments count toward the ability to receive certification. Motion by Beth, second by Pam. Motion Passed unanimously and will be returned to the committee for final approval.

e.   Establishment of a CCC focus group of directors whose responsibility is for directing the development and operation of the CCC trial program. This focus group will have a liaison to the Performance committee whose members can also participate on the Focus group discussions. Focus group reports and recommendations would be sent to the performance committee and GB for review and approval.

Motion: The CCC trials will be moved to an ILR program rather than ILR-SD program and the Focus Group will report to the ILR Board and not to the ILR-SD Governing Board. Motion by Beth, second by Fran. Motion approved unanimously. Jim asked the Governing Board for suggestions of persons from across the country to join the CCC Focus Group. The CCC Focus Group will represent their information to the ILR Board including Certifier Qualifications and appropriate fees. 

2.   Youth Committee: presented by Ed Bender. The committee has not met and the Youth Website has been developed and will be ready for linking to the ILR-SD site in the near future.

3.   Halter Committee: presented by Justin Timm. No report.

4.   Finance Committee: presented by Larry Steffel. The committee has not met because no items have been brought to their attention. The ILR-SD is still functioning within the budget and a budget report will be sent with the May governing board report. The committee still needs a replacement for the resignation. 

5.   Judges Committee: presented by Beth Myers.

a.   Motion: Apprentices may only apprentice under one judge only per category. So, in the event of a double show, the apprentice would need to choose one judge to apprentice under. An apprentice may apprentice under two judges at the same show if they are judging under different categories. Motion by Beth, second by Fran. Motion passed unanimously. 

b.   Motion: Teaching judges – judges that can accept apprentices. A letter will be sent ot all judges explaining the requirements of a teaching judge – not on probation, judge a minimum of two ILR-SD shows and a minimum of four other shows in the past four years. The judge would submit a letter of request and complete a questionnaire and evaluation by the judges committee. Motion by Fran, second by Pam. Motion passed unanimously and will be returned to the committee for approval.

c.   Judges, Breeders, Apprentices and Educational Judging and Refresher Seminar: a seminar has been scheduled for July 9-11, 2010, at Beth Myers farm in Ohio. Cost for the seminar will be $100 per day. Anyone wishing to be entered in the ILR-SD Judges Program will be required to attend all three days of the meeting. The committee has sent out the proposed agenda to the Governing Board for approval. There was discussion of the schedule of the program, proximities of airports, motels, etc. The participation in this seminar would replace the need for grandfathered judges to serve in an apprenticeship. There was discussion of considering individual experience and how to fast-track judges with experience and educate them specifically to the ILR-SD Guidelines. Motion to approve the Educational Judging and Refresher Seminar as proposed. Motion by Pam, second by Fran. Motion approved unanimously. The budget for the seminar was reviewed and approved.

6.   Rules Committee: presented by Pam Jensen.

a.   For shows that were sanctioned in 2009 and held in 2010, the fees in place at the time of the sanctioning will be applied.

b.   A question has been proposed by a member regarding whether a youth and an adults participant may use the same animal. The committee suggests that the site rules for the show be applied according to show management discretion.

7.   Fleece Committee: presented by Fran Soukup. No report.

Old Business:


New Business:

1.   Beth requested that the Performance Committee discuss the implementation of a recommendation for a maximum of three refusals and a description of hesitations and refusals on performance courses for Open, Advance and Novice courses.

2.   Beth requested that the Halter Committee redefine the Light-Medium class and Medium-Heavy class to give better description / definitions of these classes. Fran suggested the committee offer explanations for how to decide what class their animals need to be entered in and make suggestions on how to educate the exhibitors at the shows.

3.   Jim requested that the Youth Committee discuss how youth progress from youth to adult classes – novice vs. advanced.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 2, 2010, at 8pm EDT.

Motion to adjourn at 9:51pm EDT. Motion by Fran, second by Pam. Unimous approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary