ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - November 16, 2010
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ILR Show Division

November 16, 2010

Meeting called to order at 8:10 EST by ILR Board President Mary Jo Miller. Mark Smith, Bill Safreed, Jan Wassink, Fran Soukup, Pam Jensen, Kathi McKinney, Beth Myers, and Ryan Laux present.


Approval of minutes from October 12, 2010 – approved by email and posted.

International Finals Gathering of Friends and Champions Show Report: presented by Mark Smith.

1.   Mark has spoken with Superintendent Norris Berg. Norris has made contact with the IA State Fairgrounds but they have yet to confirm the dates discussed with the Committee earlier.

Committee Reports: 

1.   Guidance/Rules Committee – presented by Pam Jensen.

a.   The wording on a revision of existing guideline was submitted to the committee for approval:

“At any particular show, Judges may not show their animals in any division that they may be judging, nor may anyone else show their animals in divisions they may be judging. However, someone else may show their animals in divisions they are not judging. i.e.: A Fleece Judge may show their animals in halter and/or performance or have someone else do so. Further, a halter or performance judge may have someone show their animals in fleece on or shorn fleece classes.”

After some discussion a motion was made by Mark, seconded by Fran to approve the following revised guideline: “At any particular show, Judges may not show their animals in any division that they may be judging, nor may anyone else show their animals in divisions they may be judging. However, someone else may show their animals in divisions they are not judging.” Motion was approved unanimously.

b.   The Rules Committee has received a number of approved rule changes from the various Committees and the Governing Board and they have been sent to Kristy Murdock for formatting in the Guidelines manual. All rule and guideline changes need to be submitted to Pam by December 1, 2010, so they can be posted and effective January 1, 2011.

2.   Performance Committee – presented by Bill Safreed.

a.   At the previous meeting the Governing Committee asked the Performance Committee to again discuss the refusal and dismissal items presented and approved the following language to replace Performance Guideline A.7.d.: “Show management or the show judge has the option to incorporate a dismissal policy for participants in a course/trials based on a predetermined number of refusals, three being the minimum.” The Committee discussed via e-mail a proposal to not have any additional refusal and dismissal policy. The Governing Committee asked for clarification as to what the Performance Committee was proposing to do. Bill said he would go back to the Committee and we would make a recommendation to the Governing Committee via e-mail so that any rule changes that might be needed will be approved and submitted to the Rules committee by 12-1.

 3. Finance Committee –  

a.   Jan Wassink submitted a proposed Show Division budget for 2011 to the Committee for their information. This had not been presented to the Finance Committee yet for their review and approval.

b.   Glen Pfefferkorn has submitted his resignation from the Finance Committee. 

4.   Fleece Committee – presented by Fran Soukup.

a.   The Fleece Committee has been reviewing all their guidelines for additional changes needed.

b.   Score cards have been revised and a “miscellaneous” score card has been developed.

c.   The Fleece Committee decided to use the current achievement certificates and trophies for Fleece awards.

d.   The Committee is looking into creating group fleece classes (Get of Sire and Produce of Dam) in 2011.   

5.   Youth Committee – No report.

6.   Judges Committee – presented by Beth Myers

a.   The Judges Committee is in the discussion phase of clinics at Niki Kuklenski’s in July and at Mark Smith’s in June. Proposals for these clinics to be present by mid-January, 2011.

b.   Beth requested that the ILR office check the judges individual e-mail addresses for accuracy.

c.   The Committee will be developing rules for apprenticeships at events other than shows. A situation presented itself where an apprentice judge can participate in a large non-show fleece event that would give them the opportunity to handle a large number of fleeces.

7.   Halter Committee – presented by Ryan Laux.

a.   The Halter Committee looking at a combination class of Classic-Light to better reflect the types of llamas seen on the show circuit and to allow the few number of Classics being shown to compete more effectively. The proposed rule will be sent via e-mail for a vote prior to 12-1 so it may be added to the rules for 2011. The realigned classes would be Classic-light, Medium Heavy and Extreme Heavy. No change to the current Suri or Silky (reminder that revised definitions of these were approved by the Governing Committee at the October meeting).

Old Business: 

1.   Nominations for replacements for SD committee members: Dar sent to the Committee a file with the names of those running. Election will be the first week of December. Still need one each for Performance, Judges, Halter and Finance. Members of each committee are encouraged to recruit for the open positions. The office will send out one more reminder and if no interest in the open seats we will have to conduct the election with those seats open. As provided by the bylaws individuals can be appointed later as individuals are found to volunteer. There was discussion about shortening the terms to something less that five years but no action was proposed.

New Business:

1.  The LFA response was sent to the Committee. The LFA did not wish to conduct a joint event with the Show Division at this time.

2.   Beth requested that the certification level for judges be added to the online listing. A new listing of judges was sent and has been received by the office.

3.   It was suggested to add a place in the online membership page for judges to pay their judge fees. The proposal had been made previously and is being looked into.

4.   A question was raised about SD membership being individual or farm/ranch. It was stated by the office that it was always intended to be a farm/ranch membership. Youth is separate.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 8pm EST. 

Motion to adjourn at 9:25 pm EST: motion by Mark, second by Kathi. Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,  

Bill Safreed, ILR Vice President