ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - February 15, 2011
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ILR Show Division

February 15, 2011

Meeting called to order at 8:03 EST. Mark Smith, Mary Jo Miller, Kristy Brown, Jan Wassink, Pam Tait, Debbie Arendes, Kathi McKinney, Beth Myers, Bill Safreed, Matt Fruits, David Armor, Ryan Laux  and Barb Baker. Dar Wassink joined the call for the International Show portion of the call.

International Finals Show Report: presented by Mark Smith, International Finals Event Board Liaison. Norris Berg, our International Show Superintendent has asked for approval for all of the following items:    

1.       Approval of Judges:

a.       Halter – Darrell Anderson

b.       Performance – Mike Haumschild & Judie Moser

c.       Fleece – Fran Soukup with Judy Ross as the backup judge if needed

d.       Motion to approve all proposed judges. Motion by Beth, second by Barb. Motion passed unanimously.

2.       Entry fees and premiums: after an informal survey of members at several llama events, the ILR board proposes we keep entry fees to a minimum for halter, performance and fleece, and a reduced rate for youth participants. Fees will be established after the final budget is done. These lower entry fees would mean that premiums may not be paid.

3.       Sponsorship Levels:

It was indicated that Mr. Berg was suggesting a “cruise” theme for the 2011 event. Keeping that in mind, this committee is recommending the following levels of sponsorship:

$5,000.00 Captain’s Level

$2,500.00 First Mate Level

$2000.00  Cruise Director’s Level

$1500.00  Aloha Level

$1,000.00 Lido Deck Level

$500.00    Promenade Level

$250.00    Vacation Level

Lesser Amounts:  Friends of the Sea

In addition, if someone wanted to sponsor a specific Grand Championship, they could pick that one and the cost for such sponsorship would be $150.00. If they wanted to sponsor a specific Reserve Grand Champion, they could pick that one and the cost for such sponsorship would be $100.00.

Sponsors would be listed on the ILR website: Sponsors would have a link to their farm website.

4.       Qualifying Criterion: due to the mid-year time frame of the event and the limited opportunity to qualify before the June date, it is recommended that there be no animal qualifying for 2011 only. The only requirement would be that the owners are members of the ILR-SD. This would give everyone the opportunity to participate in the first year event.

5.       Classes to be offered: Norris is proposing the following approved classes be offered:

A.     Halter divisions – it is suggested that all seven described halter divisions be offered with the notation that classes may be combined if entry numbers are small.

                        (1) Suri

                        (2) Silky

                        (3) Classic

                        (4) Light Wool

                        (5) Medium Wool

                        (6)Moderate Heavy Wool

                        (7) Extreme Heavy Wool

                        (8) Working Non-Breeder

                        (9) Fleece Non-Breeder

                        (10) Miniature

                        (11) Produce of Dam

                        (12) Get of Sire

B.   Performance division – Novice and Advanced in:

      (1) Public Relations / Companion

                        (2) Pack / Trail

                        (3) Freestyle Obstacle

                        (4) Pleasure Driving

                        (5) Obstacle Driving

C.  Fleece division-the fleece committee has suggested some additional fleece classes and they have been submitted to Norris for consideration. Some of the proposed classes have been combined.

D. Youth division – all youth age divisions will be included in both Showmanship and Performance

Committee Reports

1.  Guidelines: presented by Debbie. No items for approval.

2.  Performance: presented by David. No items for approval.

3.  Finance: presented by Barb.

a.  Any non-member can show at one show per calendar year for free, but would be charged a $25 non-member fee for each additional show. The suggestion was made to charge the non-member fee at each show, but credit the non-member fee of one show towards ILR-SD membership. The suggestion was also made that the non-llama owners not be charged the non-member fee. The topic was returned to committee for further discussion.

4.  Fleece: presented by Pam.

a.   Show Management Guide for Fleece is now on-line under Forms and Documents.

b.   Goals – Education of exhibitors and judges, and the International Show planning.

5.  Youth: presented by Matt.

      Forms for Youth Membership, Youth Sportsmanship and Youth Grants were submitted to the Governing Board. One spelling error was noted and will be corrected. Motion to approve the three youth documents. Motion by Beth, second by Barb. Motion passed unanimously.

6.  Judges:  presented by Beth.

a.   Exhibitors entering in the wrong halter classes – there had been a member concern regarding exhibitors entering in the wrong class. The judges committee was of the opinion that there should be no punishment for an incorrect placing. Each incident is left to judge’s discretion       to move the animal if appropriate.

b.   One Judge judging a Dual Sanctioned Event – often shows are judged by one judge when it is a combined ALSA and ILR-SD or an ILR-SD and Open show. It is important that difference in Guidelines/Rules be followed and explained to the membership. There are shows where Show Management asks that the judge just place the class as only one class not separated out and judged by each show association’s criterion. Returned to committee for discussion and recommendations.

c.   Budget for seminar in WA in July – approved as presented to judges’ committee. No Governing Board action.

d.   Fleece Seminar Participant Evaluation Form: This form is intended to “verbally guage” judge, apprentice, and/or participants attending a fleece seminar/clinic. Responses are to be objective and descriptive. This form will assist the judges’ committee to determine the necessity of further training or exposure and kept in participants file. A copy of the form will also be returned to the participant. As there is no numerical scoring provided, it is necessary that all answers/reviews be formed in a fashion that can determine to what degree their knowledge/expertise exists. If applicable, include suggestions for additional education, experience or knowledge needed to move to next step . . . or state this participant is ready in this area to move forward. Two spelling errors were noted and corrected. Motion to approve the document as edited. Motion by Kristy, second by Barb. Motion passed unanimously.

7. Halter:  presented by Ryan.

a.   The halter committee made a recommendation to the judges committee that exhibitors entering in a wrong class be moved at the judge’s discretion.

b.   The halter committee also recommended all approved halter and showmanship classes be       included in the International Show.

Old Business: None

New Business:           

a.       Committees are not required to meet monthly if no topics are pending and email votes can be made, but a summary of any email decisions should be submitted to the ILR office to add to the website.

b.       There was discussion of changing from monthly to quarterly Governing Board meeting. Proposals may be presented by email and can be either voted on by email or held over for the next conference call.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday May 10, 2011.

Motion to adjourn at 10:26 EST. Motion by Barb, second by Beth. Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,  

Bill Safreed, ILR Vice President