ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - May 10, 2011
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ILR Show Division

May 10, 2011

Meeting called to order at 8:03 EDT. Mary Jo Miller, Kristy Brown, Jan Wassink, Pam Tait, Debbie Arendas, Kathi McKinney, Beth Myers, Bill Safreed, Matt Fruits, David Armer, Ryan Laux & Barb Baker. Mark Smith and Kathi McKinney were unable to attend the call.

International Finals Show Report: presented by Mary Jo Miller for Mark Smith, International Finals Event Board Liaison.           

a.       Ribbons are ordered.

b.       Show book is in preparation for the printer.

c.       Anyone needing table/chairs for vendors, youth activities, promotions etc need to notify Norris to order those from the facility.

d.       Entries have been received already and the ShowManager is live now.

e.       Name tags will be issued to the Governing Board, the ILR Board and the Promotions committee so that the membership can identify the folks that are working behind the scenes to orchestrate the ILR-SD. It was suggested that the name tag have “ASK ME” on it to identify the persons as a resource to the members.

f.        All Governing Board members are encouraged to volunteer to relieve the show crew as needed. Also, we will need help setting up for the dinner.

g.       Donations received are approximately $8,000.

Committee Reports

1.  Guidelines:  presented by Debbie.

a.   Karen Dean is now assembling the guidelines document and she asks that the chairpersons submit both the 2011 verbiage and note the changes needed for the document in 2012.

2.  Performance: presented by David.

a.   INCOMPLETE – Failure to complete, or partial-completion of an obstacle


1.   Show management has the OPTION to incorporate a dismissal policy for participants in course/trials based on a predetermined number of refusals, three being the minimum.

2.   The refusal/dismissal policy complete with the predetermined number of refusals MUST be specifically stated in the show packet  and registration material to inform participants they may not be allowed to complete the course/trial they paid to play on should their llama refuse stated number of tasks.

3.   The refusal policy can only be instituted for advanced level course/trials. Participants at the novice or youth level cannot be excused from the courses.  

      After discussion, the Governing Board recommends that the documents be returned to the Performance Committee for further revision to better define partial completion and to redefine the notification of the number of refusals/dismissal policy. There was also discussion of whether or not to change the ability to excuse Novice participants. 

3.  Finance: presented by Barb. The committee reviewed the non-member fee discussion and has tabled the topic until fall. They will evaluate the number of non-members participating and decide if this something to consider. A year-to-date document has been sent to the Governing Board for your information. Many decisions cannot be made until after The Gathering.

4.  Fleece: presented by Pam.

a.   Questions regarding Fleece On showing – a member has sent several questions regarding how they should or should not shear for Fleece On shows. The Fleece and Judges Committees will develop a document to better explain the topic.

5.   Youth:  presented by Matt. There are many items submitted for the Youth Auction at The Gathering. The Gathering Dollars are being printed and the cost of this has been donated.

6.  Judges: presented by Beth.

1.   Approve Darrell Anderson, Judy Moser, Danita Doerre, Pauline Funk and Ali Soukup as Permanently Certified Judges. Motion to approve all five judges – motion by Barb, second by Pam. Motion passes unanimously.

2.   Seven forms will be sent to the Governing Board for email approval. It is requested that the Governing Board respond by Friday evening via email – the forms will include the following:       

a.    Fleece Judging evaluation form – Seminars & Apprenticeships

b.   HPY Judging evaluation form - Seminars & Apprenticeships

c.   Mentor evaluation form of Judges/Apprentices

d.   Apprentice Information Form

e.   Penalty for Judges not meeting the deadline for certifications

f.    Fleece guidelines for Fast Track Judges

g.   Qualifying Age for entering Judges Program and approval as Judge

3.   The following section was missed in the completion of the 2011 guidelines – Beth will report to the Rules Committee to correct the missed item for revision.

7.   Halter: presented by Ryan. No report. The committee will evaluate the changes in the Halter categories as the year progresses.

Old Business:   None

New Business:            None

Next Meeting:  Tuesday August 9, 2011 at 8pm EDT.

Motion to adjourn at 9:05 EDT:  Motion by Barb, second by Beth. Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,  

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary