ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - February 16, 2012
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ILR Show Division

February 16, 2012

Meeting called to order at 8:02pm EST. Bill Safreed, Mary Jo Miller, Karen Baum, Kristy Brown, Jan Wassink, Kathi McKinney, Adrienne Hochee, Matt Fruits, Pam Tait, Erin Fruits, Harvey Pool, Norris Berg and Deb Arendas were in attendance.

Introductions – everyone gave a very brief introduction with their position on the committee and the state they are from.

The Gathering Committee Report: presented by Norris Berg

1.      The Gathering will be Father’s Day Weekend, June 15-17, 2012, in Des Moines, IA

2.      The show is now live so exhibitors can enter.

3.      The theme is “casino”.

4.      Host hotel is the Holiday Inn and everyone is encouraged to make their reservations.

5.      Judges contracts and facilities contracts are completed.

6.      Ribbons have been ordered and we will be printing certificates again.

7.      Norris and the Promotion committee have been calling for sponsorships. He estimates that we will be near the levels of 2011.

8.      Norris encouraged everyone to send ideas and encourage the membership to participate at The Gathering event.

Committee Reports:

1.      Guidelines – presented by Deb. No report.

2.      Performance – presented by Erin Fruits.

a.       To have a standardized point system so that your points received are based on your score and no longer just on the number of entries in the class. The committee will send a survey to show superintendents to provide us with a list of total adult scores and total youth scores. This is totally anonymous. There will be no participants’ names given.  This will only be used as a learning device, to set up a fair chart. This will only be needed if this information is not already available to us. After the survey findings are received, the committee will determine a point system and report back to the Governing Board.

3.      Fleece – presented by Pam Tait

a.       A proposed new rule: "For the Shorn division of a fleece show, the minimum amount of fleece weight is to be 6 ounces for any age and for any type of fleece." Motion to accept as written by Pam, second by Karen. Motion passed unanimously.

b.      The Fleece committee will be setting up workshops and demos for The Gathering, reviewing annualized point charts and working on a program for Get-of-Sire and Produce-of-Dam fleece classes.

4.      Youth – presented by Matt Fruits

ILR-SD Judging Contest

a.       Purpose: To provide the opportunity for ILR-SD members to experience the show ring from the Judges’ perspective and encourage members to pursue judge training. This may be held in conjunction with an ILR-SD sanctioned show or in conjunction with a different event, provided that an ILR-SD judge is used as the judge for the competition.

b.      Participants: Any ILR-SD member is able to participate in the Judging Contest. ILR-SD Judges and Apprentices are not allowed to participate in the Judging Competition. Show management has the discretion to limit the number of participants in the Judging Competition or to offer Youth (age 7-18 divided into age divisions as needed), Novice/Advanced Adult competitions. Novice will be defined as no Judging Experience and Advance will be defined as judging experience in an arena other than the ILR Show Division. Shows that choose to offer multiple participant divisions can have all participants judge the same class and give out awards based on appropriate divisions. Participants will use their ILR Owner Code as their identifier on their placing cards. Show management also has the discretion to limit the time available for participants to score each class. If multiple Judging Competition divisions are offered, members may choose which they would like to participate in and are not required to judge in all divisions.

c.       Fees: A $5 fee per class will be paid to the ILR-SD for participation in the Judging Competition.

d.      Classes to be Judged: Show management may offer any or all of the following four divisions for the ILR-SD Judging Competition: Halter, Showmanship, Free Style Obstacle and Shorn Fleece. Show management should assign four people to be Competition Handlers. Animals used may be non-show animals or may be an animal participating in the show as long as the Competition Handler does not use their own animal. Fleeces to be judged should be provided for this competition only and not use exhibitor fleeces; this recommendation is due to the excessive handling and subsequent damage the fleece may receive.

e.      Process:

The Judge will be encouraged to give a very brief introduction and explanation of what is important when evaluating each division before judging begins. Participants will be provided an ILR-SD Judging Competition score sheet for each class judged. They will assemble in the show ring with the Judge and score the class on their own giving brief written reasons for their placings. When all participants have turned in their score sheet, the Judge will give oral reasons for their placings and allow a very brief discussion before continuing to the next division. Show management will evaluate the score sheets using the Hormel Scoring Template to determine the winner. In the event of a tie, the judge will review the written reasons and use this to determine the placings for the class.

f.        Recognition:

Show management will announce the winners at the show and will use their discretion if they choose to distribute ribbons, certificates or awards. The participants in each of the Judging Competition Divisions will be listed in the Show Results section of the show on the ILR-SD website. Points will be assigned using the ILR-SD class point award system. ILR-SD Judging Competition points will be tracked and a Top Ten List will be generated on the ILR-SD website. No year-end trophies will be awarded, but members may print their own Top Ten year-end certificates from the ILR-SD website.

Adrienne requested it be returned to Youth and have a joint conference call as the Youth committee had asked for. The Judges’ Committee has concerns about adults being included in a proposal from the Youth Committee although the rest of the governing board was supportive. ACTION: Proposal returned to committee for joint communications with the Judges’Committee.

                5.  Judges: presented by Adrienne

a.   Halter/Performance/Youth to both Terese Everson and Sara Nichols' apprenticeships.

b.   Advanced Teaching Judge certification for Niki Kuklenski as she has met the requirements for Halter, Performance and Youth. Motion by Adrienne, second by Kathi. Motion passed unanimously.

c.   The 2012 Guidelines test is being been written for Halter/Performance/Youth and the Fleece committee will develop the question for the Fleece portion of the test. The  test  for Halter/Performance/Youth will be distributed early next week.

d.   Addition of a Fleece Judge to the Committee – they already have one, Tami Lash.

            6.  Halter: presented by Harvey

a.   The Halter committee will be looking at the “halter classification” pictures on the website to see if any details can be added to help clarify the examples presented. Also, we             are developing a survey to (with approval) be sent to the membership to ask, “How are we doing so far?” in the ILR-SD as a whole.

Old Business:   Any questions on e-bulletin about GB protocol.

New Business:  Mary Jo Finances – Now that we have 3 years under our belt, we find that the fees we are currently charging aren’t paying for running the SD. We will need to consider raising fees.

ILR BOD is going to come back to GB with a suggestion. Fees are listed in the Guidelines. GB will need to decide if we want to raise fees mid-year rather than the first of 2013.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, May 17 at 8:00pm EST.

Meeting adjourned at 9:14 EST. Motion to adjourn by Adrienne, second by Karen .

Respectfully submitted,  

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary