ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - February 16, 2012
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ILR Show Division

May 17, 2012

Meeting called to order at 8:11pm EST. Bill Safreed, Mary Jo Miller, Karen Baum, Kristy Brown, Jan Wassink, Kathi McKinney, Matt Fruits, Pam Tait, Erin Fruits, Harvey Pool, Norris Berg and Deb Arendas were in attendance. Addrienne Hochee joined the call late.

Gathering Committee Report: presented by Norris Berg

1.       The Gathering will be Father's Day Weekend, June 15-17, 2012 in Des Moines, IA

2.       Norris encouraged everyone to continue to promote the Gathering and thanked them for their efforts to date.

3.       Entries are coming in both online and via hard copy.

4.       Sponsorships to date are approximately $14,000, and the committee is continuing their efforts to solicit sponsorships.

5.       The Casino theme is working well and several casino games are being developed to involve the membership. Pam Tait has donated hand spinning of the High Card winner of the Grand and Reserves for the shorn fleece classes.

6.       Someone approached the performance judge about doing an apprenticeship during the Gathering. The apprentice was advised that the judge needs to give the exhibitors their full focus during the National show. Norris suggested that the Guidelines/Judges committees make a guideline that apprentices will not be allowed during the Gathering.

7.       Two farms have volunteered to be in charge of decorations as their donation to the Gathering.

Committee Reports:

1.      Guidelines - presented by Deb. No report.

2.      Performance - presented by Erin Fruits.

a.       Wally Baker has been added to the Performance committee and was approved by the ILR Board.

3.      Fleece - presented by Pam Tait.

a.       Weighted fleece project - Judy Ross is still working on her research and the fleece committee will then re-evaluate the weighted fleece.

b.       Composite Award scoring - a member made a suggestion on a different way to score the composite award. The 2012 guidelines will be followed for this year's Gathering. The fleece superintendent has been provided a new worksheet that has been used successfully at a large show.

4.      Youth - presented by Matt Fruits. No report

a.    The Youth committee is still waiting for the Judges' Committee to meet to discuss the development of a Youth Judging program.

5.      Judges - presented by Adrienne Hochee

a.       Permanent Certification request by Margaret Henry. Motion to approve Margaret Henry. Motion by Kathi, second by Pam. Motion passed unanimously.

b.       Fast Track Program - Mike Haumschild, Cathi Kindler and Deb Yeagle have applied for the Fast Track Program. The Judges Committee will call for a special Governing Board meeting to discuss the Fast Track Judges after the Judges' Committee has made their recommendations.

6.      Halter - presented by Harvey Pool

a.   Composite Award - the halter committee agrees with utilizing the worksheet provided to the superintendent. If this works well, the committee in cooperation with the Fleece committee will discuss making the spreadsheet available in the Guidelines and online.

b.   The Halter Committee has proposed development of a survey where each committee could make five questions that could be sent to the membership to evaluate the progress of the ILR-SD. The committee chairs will take the idea to their committee and develop five questions for the survey.

Old Business:  The Governing Board was reminded of the responsibilities of the Governing Board, confidentiality; ethics (page 3 of the Guidelines). Chairpersons are asked to remind their committee members that committee minutes are public but committee discussions are confidential.

New Business: Bill & Mary Jo presented information on the ILR-SD budget and proposed fee increases for 2013. They proposed increasing the per animal fee for shows. The guidelines books have been provided at no cost to the judges but the 2013 proposal would make the Guidelines available for a fee. A non-member fee was also proposed to increase revenues.

Next Meeting: Monday, August 7, 2012 at 8:00pm EST.

Meeting adjourned at 9:14 EST. Motion to adjourn by Adrienne, second by Karen .

Respectfully submitted,  

Kristy Brown, ILR Secretary