ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - February 19, 2013
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ILR Show Division

February 19, 2013

Meeting called to order at 8:08 pm EST. Bill Safreed, Mary Jo Miller, Karen Baum, Kristy Brown, Judy Ross, Harvey Pool, Karen Dean, Kathi McKinney, Tom Rothering, Debbie Shellabarger and Tami Lash were in attendance. Jan Wassink was unable to attend.

Introductions - Board members introduced themselves.

Governing Board (GB) Procedure review - Kristy gave a brief overview of the Governing Board procedures. G.B members should bring items approved by committee to GB for approval & report back to their committees on GB items. Items not approved may be sent back to the committee for additional work. For all communications to the G.B, members are asked to use the Governing Board e-mail ( so that it is sent to all members.

Gathering update:

a.   Approval of event chair - Mary Jo Miller & Kristy Brown have volunteered to co-chair the show this year. Tami moved that the Governing Board approve Mary Jo and Kristy as 2013 Gathering co-chairs. Motion seconded by Debbie, motion was unanimously approved.

b.   Approve procedure for name tags in show packet - Mary Jo proposed not providing name tags this year to exhibitors and crew. The consensus feeling of the Board was to continue them.

c.   Discussion of commemorative show book - The publication deadline is approximately two weeks before the show - the Board was ask their thoughts about including the class entries received up to the date of publication in the book or just list participating farms and do a closer to real-time separate listing of entries. The Board agreed that the list should be generated as close to show time as possible and not include it in the show book. A member suggested sending the list electronically for folks with data phones and/or tablets. Mary Jo and Kristy will look into that.

d.   New classes for 2013 - Youth Judging have been added as it is now an approved point class. Special Needs performance class or classes will be added also as non-point ones and will be integrated into the schedule with the regular performance classes. The Iowa llama group is donating trophies for the Special Needs class(es).

e.   Working Tentative Event schedule - when decision was made to hold both LFA & Gathering on same weekend, the event coordinators (Kristy, Mary Jo, Ryan Laux & Fran Soukup) agreed on a common goal of integrating the two associations' events together throughout the weekend to give the exhibitors the opportunity to participate in both events, and it was felt that by having activities for both mixed together, the participation in both may be higher. With that in mind, Kristy and Mary Jo had several phone conferences with the LFA reps and reached a consensus schedule. Both sides made several compromises to arrive at this schedule. The tentative schedule was sent to the Board members. The exact schedule cannot be defined until show entries are made and there is a clear picture of the numbers for all classes in both Gathering & LFA.

      Several members of the Board were concerned about moving some classes so late in the show to where they and others would not be able to participate due to having to travel on Sunday.

f.    Additional items - The Promotions' Committee is working hard on donations for all of the Gathering events. LANA will be presenting awards for Youth, Fleece and Versatility at the event this year. The Youth Committee is working on a mini-clinic for Youth Judging to be held on Friday of the event, before the Youth Judging class is held.

Committee Reports:

1. Guidelines - report by Karen Dean

a.   Items for approval - a form and procedure for making changes and/or additions to the Guidelines was presented to the Board - see attachment 

b.   A second attachment was sent to the Board to explain how the form will facilitate keeping the Guidelines amendments accurate.

A motion was made by Tom and seconded by Judy to approve the procedures and a form for making Guideline changes as presented. Approved by all.

2. Fleece - report by Judy Ross

Our goal for 2013 will be to offer more educational resources for exhibitors and shows. To work with the changes made in 2012 as we move forward in our 2013 show season with a positive attitude as the changes are introduced to the shows and exhibitors. To work closely with all committees as we build a strong team to move the ILR-SD forward.

a.   Fleece weight recap sheet was presented for use by show superintendents and fleece clerks.

b.   Stand alone llama fleece shows. We are trying to look at ways to generate additional venues for llama fleece and fleece products to be judged and exhibited. Judy indicated that Eran McCarthy is working on a flyer to be sent to numerous venues.

c.   The verbiage below will be added to the Fleece Management Guide that is currently located in the document section with the fleece documents. Judy will contact Dar to get this added:

Optional Non-Point Fleece Classes

At show managements' discretion, optional non-point fleece classes can be added. Some suggestions would be Best of Show Fleece, People's Choice or Color Division classes.

d.   Annualized weight chart - the judges' committee has asked us to post this to the current list of fleece documents.

e.   It was brought to our attention that it would be nice if judges would have a bio listed for superintendents to view as they might need specific needs in fleece judging. Kristy will add this item to the ILR Board agenda for discussion.

3. Judges' Committee - Tami had to leave the call and Phil Feiner joined and reported the following:

The Judges' Committee met on 1/15/13, we welcomed Sean Hart to the committee and elected our chair, Tami Lash, and our secretary, Phil Feiner

All Judges' Tests (H,P,Y,F) have been sent out and the completed tests are coming into our committee. The deadline is the end of this February. About 40% have been received to date.

Phil is in charge of maintaining our working spreadsheet for all Judges/Apprentices.

We have completed an ILR-SD Seminar/Clinic Planning Guide with what we have. We are requesting feedback on it from past hosts.

Working on additional Apprentice information to share with our Judges/Apprentices.

Phil is working on quarterly update informational emails to Judges/Apprentices and he has solicited responses from Judges and apprentices looking for information to include in this newsletter.

Determined Fast Track Judges should have an FT next to their names on the Judge/Apprentice List.

Made determination as to member concern, Fleece showing at The Gathering.

Sent a letter to Darlene Chambers, one more Fleece apprenticeship needed.

Sent letters to Sarah Nicols (Fleece) and Vanessa Benaugh that one more apprenticeship needed.

Sent letter to Ginger, with information containing Fleece Apprenticeship needs.

The Committee is very busy with much of the work being done via email.

4. Halter Committee - report by Harvey - no items for approval

5. Performance Committee - report by Tom

We changed and simplified the guideline verbiage for Change of Pace. It will be submitted to the Judges' Committee for review.

6. Youth Committee - report by Debbie - no items for approval

There are two new members on the Youth Committee this year.

Old Business: none.

New Business: none

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m. EST. Motion to adjourn by Mary Jo, second by Karen Dean. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Safreed, ILR Secretary



Attachment for Guidelines Committee item follows

- Proposal to Establish a Guidelines Committee Framework for ILR-SD Guidelines Modification  Requests-

Proposed Text:

A.     Committees:

a.1.            In order to maintain a consistently applied and cohesive ILR-SD Guidelines, prior to any submission of Guidelines Modification Request(s) to the Governing Board and with their approval, to Guidelines, proposing committees should ensure:

a.1.1.a.               They have read the sections of the Guidelines under their direct auspices and have located and addressed all parts pertaining to their proposed modification.

b.       They have read all general sections of the Guidelines and have located and addressed any other sections pertaining to their proposed modification.

B.      Committee Chairs:

1.      It is the responsibility of each Committee Chair to:

a.       Ensure their committee's suggested modifications are submitted to, and approved by, the Governing Board prior to submission of their request(s) to Guidelines.

b.      Submit all Governing Board approved Guidelines Modification Request(s) to the Guidelines Chair

c.       Modification Request(s) should only be submitted by a committee's currently sitting Chair.

d.      Ensure their committee's needed modifications are submitted to Guidelines using a standardized Guidelines Modification Request format. 

e.      Ensure their committee's submission(s) include all modifications for the upcoming calendar year. 

e.i.         Deadline for request submissions is 1 November. 

f.        Submit changes on or before the deadline of the calendar year prior to when the changes are to take effect (i.e. changes for 2014 to be submitted by no later than 1 November 2013).

f.i.          Changes submitted after the deadline will be treated as submissions for the following calendar year's edition of the Guidelines, not the current upcoming calendar year's edition (i.e. late requests (after deadline) for the 2014 edition would be applied to the 2015 edition instead.).

C.     Document "proofs"

a.1.            It is accepted and acknowledged that the various Committee Chairs shall submit all of their modification request(s) in a clear, complete, and timely manner, using approved channels and format.

a.2.            It is accepted and acknowledged that Guidelines shall make all of the properly submitted modification request(s) in a complete and timely manner and submit the updated Guidelines master document files to main office on or before the deadline of midnight 31 Dec of each calendar year.

a.3.            It is accepted and acknowledged that compliance with the above items renders requests for document "proofs", from either the updater or main office, as onerous and unnecessary.

a.4.            It is accepted and acknowledged that Guidelines shall not be held accountable for not including modification requests which have not achieved proper approval by the Governing Board, are not submitted through proper channels, are incomplete, late, or those which have not been submitted to this committee at all. 

D.     Guidelines Modification Request Format

a.1.            General information:

a.       It is requested all submitters use the example format shown below for all Modification Requests.

i.        Page numbers should not be used to indicate the location of a requested modification. Page numbers frequently change as new modifications are made and outdated items are deleted in the master Guidelines document. The master document's page numbers may or may not be the same as the current publicly available document.

f.ii.              Multiple modification requests may be submitted in the same file.

f.ii.1.)       Each modification, from different sections, must be clearly identified as to section, sub-sections, etc.

f.ii.2.)       Sections with multiple modifications, within the same section, may be submitted together, providing each modification location is clearly identified and shows the new modification text, chart, etc.

b.       All Modification Requests must include the submitting committee's preferred placement and format.

2.      Identifying the location of the requested modification:

a.       Using the following section of the Guidelines for example purposes, if a modification was needed in the last part of the example shown below, the location identifier string (note the parts shown in red in the example) would be submitted as: Section I.B.i.1 (where "I" is an uppercase Roman numeral, B is an uppercase letter, "i" is a lowercase Roman numeral, and "1" is a standard number).

a.i.        Additional alphanumeric or Roman numeral identifiers may be used in segments of the body of the Guidelines; submitters should use the same identifiers as are found in the current specific section(s) to be modified.

--------------FOR EXAMPLE PURPOSES ONLY----------------------------------------------------------------------------

I.       About the ILR Show Division (ILR-SD)

a.     Mission Statement

To provide all aspects of the Llama community with a transparent, honest, and accurate show organization. An organization that is committed to listening to and communicating with its membership and providing them with a pleasant environment in which to showcase and enjoy their Llamas in an atmosphere of solid and uncompromised professional competition, with an emphasis on fun and family.

b.     Governance

b.i.         ILR-SD Governing Board

b.i.1.          The ILR Show Division will be administered by an 11-member Governing Board. The Governing Board is comprised of the chairperson from each of the seven committees, concurrently with the five members of the ILR Board of Directors.


3.  The location identifier string should be followed by:  

a.       The currently existing Guidelines text, chart name, etc.

b.       The desired modification text, chart, etc.

E.      Charts, Forms, Appendix, etc.:

a.                   For charts within the body of the Guidelines, the same location identifiers as indicated above should be used, replacing the currently existing text requirement with the name of the chart followed by the desired modification.

b.                   For the charts, forms, or scorecards in Appendix A, it should be sufficient to indicate the location of the modification needed as "Appendix A" followed by the name of the chart, form, or scorecard and the desired modification or replacement.

F.      Modifications which require adding new text to the Guidelines

a.1.            New text additions should:

i.   comply with the above modification format; providing all pertinent information as requested

ii. Indicate the preferred placement of the new text within the Guidelines

iii.      Show the submitting committee's preferred formatting

a.       Preferred formatting should match currently existing Guidelines formatting


--{Alternative Form (could be used for simplicity or example)} --

Guidelines Modification Request Form

Location Identifier String:

Current Existing Text or Chart/Scorecard Name as applicable:

Requested Modification (include preferred placement [including location identifier string] and formatting if applicable):