ILR Show Division Governing Board Minutes - November 4, 2013
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ILR Show Division

November 4, 2013

On November 04, 2013, Debbie Shellabarger, on behalf of the Youth Committee, submitted via e-mail the following for consideration by the ILR-SD Governing Board:

The youth committee has voted to approve the following and needs Governing Board approval:

 We are looking to change:
 Age requirement for senior youth will be 16 through 19 years of age.
 The current wording now says 16 through 18 years of age.

The vote on the motion was 7 yes votes, 1 no vote and 3 members did not vote.

The motion failed to get the required 8 votes for passage.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Safreed, ILR Secretary