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ILR Show Division

January 28, 2014

Meeting called to order at 8:06 pm EST. Bill Safreed, Karen Baum, Harvey Pool, Lauren Wright, Debbie Shellabarger, Tami Lash, Niki Kuklenski, Debi Garvin, Kathi McKinney, Rawna Hammon and Debbie Arendas were in attendance.

Minutes from the November 19, 2013 meeting – Minutes were distributed and approved via e-mail.
Next Meeting: April 15, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST

ILR BOD Report - Karen Baum

The realtor has shown the building several times to prospective buyers. No offers have been made yet. The office is still reorganizing so members patience is requested. We are working on fixes to Show Manager, our contract programmer has provided estimates on the prioritized items. Let Debi Garvin know if you are having any system issues so she can take them to the IT Committee.

Committee Reports:

  1. Judges Committee – Tami:

    Email election was held within the Committee, offices remain the same. Suggested that all changes are to be documented and shared w/ the Committee to share with judge’s as well as do an E-bulletin. There is a concern our judges are self promoting, show supers have called as they have received solicitations. Darlene Chambers was certified as a Fleece Judge via e-mail vote. Jenni Jimmerson requested to have her name removed from our Judge’s list. The current question on the table is: what constitutes a Farm Mentorship? The Committee is continually deal with concerns about Apprentices not understanding they need to make their final Judge request to the Judges Committee. Both OBTs (open book tests) are completed and ready to send out once we know the final status of the 2014 Guidelines. We are working on our 2014 Winter Edition of the Newsletter. We have received the unpaid dues list for 2014 Apprentice/Judge’s from the office.
    Have received concerns from Judge’s/Apprentice’s not getting their hard copies of our Guidelines, we shared with the office and it was brought to our attention that the office did not send them out last year, but they do now understand that all who pay Judge’s dues need to receive a copy.
    Working on other various solutions to issues. Some may simply be handled or reminded and or shared with our Judge’s/Apprentices in either an email blast or Newsletter or both. Especially concerning are the judges who have been trained to automatically place last animals they believe are in the wrong divisions, etc.

  2. Halter Committee – Niki:

    There is one new member on the committee. New pictures have been gathered and sent to the Guidelines committee and the office.

  3. Guidelines Committee – Debbie Arendas:

    Debbie, as prior Chairperson, is sitting in for the new chair as she could not be at the meeting. The Committee is meeting next week but has selected Pam Jensen new chairperson via e-mail discussion and vote. Debbie reported that there was a revision to the sanctioning rules that was approved in 2012 that was not added to the Guidelines. This concerned the requirement for an additional $50 sanctioning fee that would be applied to a show's per animal fees if the results were submitted in a timely manner. That change will be added for the 2014 version. The new pictures will need to be added to the revised Guidelines and they will be complete. The Committee will be discussing a revised deadline date for revisions for 2015 due to the flurry of last minute changes at the end of 2013.

  4. Performance Committee – Lauren:

    The Committee met last week, they have one new member. There has been a resignation, so there is an opening on the committee.

  5. Youth Committee – Debbie:

    There is one inactive member that will likely need to be replaced at some point.
    The issue of ILR Board members rotating on the Governing Board Committees was raised. The Governing Board was advised that the ILR Board did not ratify that earlier action and the issue was tabled, to be brought up for discussion at some future time. The posted ILR Board meeting minutes reflect this action.

  6. Fleece Committee – Rawna:

    The Committee has met already this year. Education issues and ideas to promote fleece were discussed. The Fleece Committee has an opening due to the resignation of a member. The Committee is discussing a 2 oz. Sample and color judging for the Gathering. LANA has again offered fleece awards subject to the agreement of the Governing Board, all present gave a resounding yes to that, with thanks to LANA for the offer.

Gathering Report – Harvey:

Questions were raised about the status of the Gathering. Harvey will ask Terry and Sharon to submit updates to Harvey to share with the Governing Board on a regular basis. Harvey will get a current status and share with the group.

Old Business: None

New Business:

  1. Committee correspondence

    Keep your discussions within your committee, don't share with the Governing Board or the ILR BOD. Your final proposal only should go to the Governing Board for review and possible action. If it is not approved the item will go back to the committee for further action.
    Be sure to change the subject line in the e-mail if the topic is changed. Delete duplicates in the names, best to use the committee e-mail address only. Don't copy the Governing Board or the ILR BOD.

  2. Deadline for submissions to Guidelines

    The Guidelines Committee will be discussing this at their meeting next week. The IRL BOD is recommending a 10-1 deadline to them.

  3. Submissions for Calendar of Events (COE)

    Currently events fall off the calendar after the event is over. We are looking into doing programming to keep the events up for a year on the COE or even archiving the events for longer. Everyone is asked to remind superintendents that they need to put their show on the COE, it is not automatically added when a show is added to Show Manager. It was suggested in the discussion that the office do some basic initial entry for shows on the COE to get it started. Harvey will continue to work with the office on the COE and what they can do to be sure all events get loaded.

  4. Top Ten listings

    Currently there is no Top Ten listing for the Show Division, just for UAP, reason given was the UAP preceded the SD and no additional programming was done when the SD was formed.
    The Governing Board suggested the following additions for Top Ten: Adult Showmanship, Get-of-Sire, Produce of Dam, Production Pair, Bred and Owned, Novice Performance and Advanced Performance.

Meeting adjourned at 9:39 p.m. EST. Motion to adjourn by Niki, second by Debbie A. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Safreed, ILR Secretary