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ILR Show Division

April 15, 2014

Meeting called to order at 8:06 pm EDT. Bill Safreed, Karen Baum, Harvey Pool, Lauren Wright, Debbie Shellabarger, Niki Kuklenski, Debi Garvin, Kathi McKinney, Rawna Hammon and Pam Jensen were in attendance. Tami Lash could not make the meeting due to an illness in her family.

Minutes from the January 28, 2014 meeting – Minutes were distributed and approved via e-mail.

Next Meeting: June 3, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST

ILR BOD Report - Karen Baum

The building is still on the market. Susan is working the equivalent of 4 days a week but is in the office five days. She's not answering phone calls on Fridays. Allen is working two days a week now.

Committee Reports:

1. Judges Committee – Tami (report submitted via e-mail):

  • We were working on mentorship language due to there being some confusion in what constitutes a mentorship. Update-pretty much tabled for now as a single concern has been rectified.
  • Sent Letter to Sarah Nicholls and all Judge’s & Apprentice’s regarding soliciting Judging assignments.
  • Seeking input and help to support online Judge’s Bio’s.
  • As Secretary of the JC, Phil is keeping a document of all Guideline changes.
  • As a committee we agreed in March that any unpaid Judge/Apprentice Dues/Memberships were to be taken off our Judge/Apprentice List. These names were removed from the Judge/Apprentice List:
    Bill Feick, Toni Knie, Debby Ulrich, Alaine Byers, Matt Friuts, Ryan Laux, Kati McCrone, Josh Meador, Tonilyn Strassburg-Pearce, Justin Timm, Victoria Van Nevele , Marilyn Smith, Rhyannon Peoples. Notice was sent to Judge/Apprentice’s at the time of their name removal.
  • APPROVED Sean Hart request to become a Halter Judge
  • Final GB approval of Sean Hart as Halter only judge and word was sent into ILR office
  • Responded affirmative to Judge question to allow a Judge to list on their BC and in membership directories they are Judges.
  • APPROVED Terese Evenson request for Halter Judge and that she needs another Performance Apprenticeship.
  • APPROVED Vanessa Benagh request for Permanent H,P,Y certification (C)
  • Final GB approval of Terese Evenson as Halter only judge and word was sent into ILR office
  • Complaint of judges talking amongst themselves at recent double judged shows, everyone sees this as a problem, no action taken yet due to possible need of GB discussion.
  • Calendar idea for web site came in, have not discussed this yet
  • Eran McCarty requested approval for H,P,Y Judge everyone on the JC approved and recommends approval by the GB. Debi Garvin made a motion to approve Eran McCarty for H, P and Y judge status, second by Bill. All approved the motion.
  • We are collectively working on our Spring Newsletter

2. Halter Committee – Niki:

  • A letter from the Committee was presented to the Governing Board concerning the Halter Committee's desire to change the number of llamas in the Get-of-Sire class from 2 or 3 to just 3. The Governing Board voted 8 against the change and 2 for the change. The proposal fails.

3. Guidelines Committee – Pam:

  • The Committee discussed and approved the requirement that changes to the Guidelines to be effective for 2015 must be a submitted by October 15, 2014 to the Guidelines Committee and must be on the approved form in the proper format. The Committee further recommends that each SD committee survey the membership on important rule changes. Debi Garvin has paid for Survey Monkey for a year and we are welcome to use that to do surveys.

4. Performance Committee – Lauren:

  • No items to report.

5. Youth Committee – Debbie:

  • The Youth Committee has been asked to run the Youth program at the 2014 Gathering. Since none of the Committee members will be able to attend this year, Beck Raber from Ohio was asked to run the Youth Judging and Lisa Robinson from Indiana was asked to run the rest of the program.

6. Fleece Committee – Rawna:

  • The Committee is moving forward with educational efforts, including a brochure update and a video and a new fleece showing brochure. They are also working on the web site update.
  • Debbie Shellabarger shared with the GB that there will be a fleece conference in Ohio in August, organized by Camelid Community and spearheaded by Barb Baker.

Old Business:

Top Ten listings
As discussed at the last meeting, currently there is no Top Ten listing for the Show Division, just for UAP, reason given was the UAP preceded the SD and no additional programming could be done due to lack of funds when the SD was formed. The ILR Board discussed at their last meeting that they want to have Top Ten awards for the Show Division members for Halter, Performance and Youth. This would encourage more participation in ILR-SD shows and provide another reason to be an SD member. Data would feed into it from Show Manager as it does today with no need to input any results. This will keep any programming time to a minimum and reward members for their participation at minimal cost. The UAP “beyond the show ring” would continue as it is today. This item is still under discussion by the ILR Board.

New Business:

  • The Judges Committee is handling the issue raised by several members about judge conduct at double judged shows. There should be a decision shared with the GB soon.
  • The concern raised by members of dogs at the Gathering has been referred to the Gathering Superintendent. The GB recommends that exhibitors be asked to keep their dogs at home, in their camper, motor home or hotel room and that they not be brought into the show ring area or the stalling areas.

Hall Protest: Karen Baum (Harvey removed himself from the discussion and voting)

The protest by the Halls from Virginia concerning the events at a recent show was sent to Governing Board members earlier via e-mail for their review. The GB has to determine if the protest was a valid one in order to proceed to investigation and ruling on the allegations. After much discussion the GB voted 10 to 0 that the protest was not valid, with Harvey abstaining. Tami, representing the views of the Judges Committee, voted that the protest was not valid via e-mail.

Because the protest was found not valid the $200 protest fee is forfeited.

The Governing Board failed to find any violation of ILR-SD Guidelines, the subject of the protest was not concerning an official SD class with no SD points being awarded for it and the Board failed to find any clarity in the documents of the basis for the protest. The GB further did not see any misconduct among the subjects of the protest and did not discern any malicious intent or favoritism of the parties involved for any exhibitor in the class or the show.

The Governing Board did agree that there was a poor chose of wording for the class in question in identifying it with an ILR program when it was not part of that program. The GB was concerned about use of the “Pot of Gold” wording but recognized that the words “Pot of Gold” are not the property of the ILR-SD or the ILR itself and the words and use of those words are in the public domain and are not under our control. The ILR-SD Guidelines provide for and encourage sanctioned shows to provide classes outside the official ones as experiments to their popularity and for the fun of the exhibitors. Such classes that were the subject of the protest do not fall under the jurisdiction of the ILR-SD in any manner.

It was also suggested that the Guidelines Committee take on revision and clarification of the Protest procedures in the Guidelines.

Meeting adjourned at 9:58 p.m. EDT. Motion to adjourn by Pam, second by Debbie, All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Safreed, ILR Secretary