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ILR Show Division

May 27, 2014

Meeting called to order at 8:03 pm EDT. Bill Safreed, Karen Baum, Harvey Pool,, Debbie Shellabarger, Niki Kuklenski, Debi Garvin, Kathi McKinney, Rawna Hammon, Tami Lash and Pam Jensen were in attendance. Lauren Wright could not make the meeting.

Minutes from the April 15, 2014 meeting – Minutes were distributed and approved via e-mail. Bill noticed that 2014 regular minutes have not been posted to the web site. He will send all the minutes not posted to Susan to get them on the site.

Next Meeting: August 12, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EDT

ILR BOD Report - Karen Baum

Lots of work for the Gathering happening now. The building is still on the market. Susan has hired a part time worker for the summer. Allen is working three days a week now until the Gathering.
Election ballots are due in the office on May 30, results should be available by June 2. Karen will contact those involved and make the announcements public as soon as possible.

Committee Reports:

  1. Judges Committee – Tami:

    Sent word to Eran McCarty and the ILR office as to her Governing Board approval as a Judge.

    Received Show Super request to allow a new Halter judge, to be able to judge showmanship at upcoming show. JC Secretary sent word to Show super to allow the new Halter judge to judge showmanship at their show.

    Continued work via emails with the JC on member complaints of judges conversing during double judged shows and the new language for Guidelines concerning the same; addressing this need properly address this especially for new judges since this was not covered in the Guidelines. JC Secretary sent the proposed language addressing this for an email that will go to all judges/apprentices to JC for approval. JC Secretary sent that email to all judges/apprentices about conversing during dual judged events.

    JC Secretary sent Guidelines proposal for language to be added into the 2015 Guidelines concerning judges actions during dual judged events. This began an email influx concerning judges conversing during double judged shows as well as the new Guideline language suggestion. JC Chair sent email of explanation to try to ward off any additional emails or directing it towards any JC individuals and to let them know the GL change was in the hands of the Governing Board. JC Chair made every attempt to halt random emails; called for a conference call with the GB. The JC Chair withdrew the Guidelines change proposal at the Governing Board meeting.

    The JC Chair has asked that an email would be sent to all Judge’s/Apprentice’s backing the JC and their decision, and for that response to include the role and expectations of all ILR-SD committee members. The Chair of the JC remains firm that it is crucial for the future of the ILR-SD to have support from the GB as to the actions of their JC. The item was discussed by the Governing Board and a vote was called. Nine members voted for the motion, one member abstained, the motion passes. Harvey will write a letter to be sent to the judges and apprentices backing the JC actions as described in the JC newsletters.

    Received a member concern that along with judges not talking, member felt oral reasons should not be given during double judged shows for the same reason. JC Secretary sent reply from JC that orals need to be in place during double judged shows per the Guidelines.

    Forwarded back to JC the calendar item for discussion submitted previously from the fleece committee. JC Secretary sent word to Chair of Fleece Committee of the decision not to have the calendar put into practice for our Judges.

    We have received Apprentice Evaluations as they come in.

    The Judges Committee has received the apprentice evaluations for Harvey Pool and recommends that be approved as a Halter Judge by the Governing Board. All approved, Harvey abstained from the vote.

    Tami reviewed the “flat pasterns” decision of the JC with the Governing Board, it has been sent out in the judges/apprentices newsletter.

  2. Halter Committee – Niki:

    The Halter Committee again reviewed the item to change the number of llamas in the Get-of-Sire class from “2 or 3” to just 3. The Halter Committee was opposed to doing a member survey as suggested at the prior meeting of the Board. The Governing Board voted 5 against the change and 5 for the change. The proposal fails.

  3. Guidelines Committee – Pam:

    No report

  4. Performance Committee – No report.

  5. Youth Committee – Debbie:

    The Youth Committee is waiting for year end award information on a member from the ILR Board on their response to the member.

  6. Fleece Committee – Rawna:

    Rawna reviewed the Committee's discussions in their last meeting.

    The FC reworded the minimum fleece weigh in the shorn fleece guidelines

    The FC discussed achievement awards for fleece products. They have requested some information from the ILR office.

    The FC is still working on group classes for fleece (GOS & POD for fleece)

    Shorn fleece from sold animals was discussed in Committee. The FC agreed it was OK but entry in Show
     Manager will have to be done manually by the Show Super or an administrator for the show since the llama's ILR number will not show under the former owner but under the new owner's herd list. The former owner would not be able to enter the item under their own name in Show Manager.

Old Business:

None discussed.

New Business:

Committee Correspondence - Harvey laid out a procedure for handling correspondence sent to the Governing Board... The item will be referred to the appropriate Committee(s) by the Chair. The Governing Board will wait for a recommendation from the Committee(s) before discussing the matter. An acknowledgment letter will be sent to the sender by the Committee working on it. E-mails are to be kept on topic and professional and not shared outside of the Committee and/or the Governing Board. Harvey will be working on an e-bulletin to members with the final procedure that will be followed.

Question was raised by Debby about what is a protest vs. a “member concern”. Neither is defined in the Guidelines. Discussion was tabled until a future meeting.

This is Bill and Kathi's last Governing Board meeting. The Board thanked them for their service to the Board over the period of their terms.

Meeting adjourned at 9:41 p.m. EDT. Motion to adjourn by Tami, second by Karen. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Safreed, ILR Secretary