ILR Show Division Rules Committee Minutes - January 19, 2009
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ILR Show Division

January 19, 2009

All committee members present - Mary Jo Miller, Debbie Arendas, Pam Jensen, Kristi Murdock, Shawn Norman and Tom Ross. Meeting began at approximately 7pm EST. Everyone introduced themselves and chairman and secretary were elected. Mary Jo Miller is the ILR board liaison and Pam Jensen will serve as committee chairman (and rules committee member on the ILR Show Division Governing Board) and Debbie Arendas as secretary.

General consensus of all members is to keep the ILR Show Division member friendly, fun and affordable. Basic information was shared with the committee by Mary Jo as to general guidelines set up already by the ILR board. 

Tom Ross will head up a sub committee to look into a Llama Grand Prix Tour consisting of 5-10 shows around the country, and a National Event. The committee would like to see a National Event held in different locations in alternating years. Mary Jo will supply Tom with a volunteer list to assist him.

Shawn Norman will write up requirements and qualifications for showing in the ILR Show Division for the committee to review.

Kristi Murdock and Debbie Arendas will work up ideas about grandfathering in points acquired under other show associations. Kristi will also write up some ideas for other rule elements that we need to consider. The goal is to make the rules about what CAN be done instead of what you CAN’T do. 

A process will be devised for complaints, grievances and ethics to be submitted to the office, and then will be presented to the Governing Board by the Rules Committee Chair for a ruling.

Kristi will supply the committee with other organizations links for everyone to review for ideas about guidelines and rules. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 2, 2009 at 7pm EST via conference call. Pam will put together an agenda and email to all rules committee members in advance - everyone on the committee is encouraged to email Pam with anything they would like to have on the agenda.

Meeting adjourned approximately 8:30pm EST.

Debbie Arendas, Secretary