ILR Show Division Rules Committee Minutes - February 2, 2009
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ILR Show Division

February 2, 2009

Rules committee meeting called to order at 8:10pm EST. All members present; Mary Jo Miller, Pam Jensen, Shawn Norman, Kristi Murdock, Debbie Arendas and Tom Ross. An agenda was emailed to everyone in advance to help everyone be prepared.

Pam thanked everyone for the all the work that was accomplished via email. A lot of progress was made.

First order of business was the protest proposal that was discussed and amended thru emails.  It was reviewed and discussed and a vote was taken. Protest proposal was passed by unanimous decision.

Next item was “grandfathering of points.” The qualifying dates were discussed and changed from 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2010 for qualifying and to request combined title. There was some discussion as to whether or not we should allow the grandfathering in of points. Three members expressed personal feelings that everyone should start with a clean slate. It was also discussed that a large number of the membership requested points to be allowed from other show associations. A vote was taken – 5 members voted yes. Shawn voted no.

Next item of discussion was General Rules for ILR-SD. There was discussion of non-registered non-breeders showing in halter classes. It was decided that Non-ILR registered or llamas without an ILR listing number may show in the Performance, Fiber, Showmanship, Youth divisions or other optional classes only after obtaining an ILR Recording Number. There will be an annual fee of $10.00 for this Recording Number. We would suggest the halter committee allow at the discretion of show management, a non-registered, non-listed non-breeder class—which would not accumulate ILR-SD points. Under sanctioning requirements “per location fee” was changed to “per event fee”. A vote was taken on the General Rules proposal and was passed by unanimous approval.

The sanctioning form was reviewed and discussed and passed by unanimous approval.

The Grand Prix Llama Tour discussion was led by Tom. He is having some trouble getting folks to understand and embrace the concept, and is trying to get some volunteers from around the country to help with this concept. He has one volunteer so far. There was some discussion about doubling the sanctioning fees and points for the shows on the Grand Prix Circuit. Tom is still contacting members and will keep the committee informed.

Frequently Asked Questions to be put up on the ILR-SD website were reviewed and discussed.  Some questions were moved around to give continuity to this section. The additional member fee of $10 per member was added to the answer about membership costs. Show number was changed to recording number in the answer about a show number and tracking of points. Under the sanctioning requirements question the words “per show” were added with the show fees of $1 or $2 per lama. With the above changes a vote was taken and this was unanimously passed by the rules committee members.

The youth committee's request that guidelines be through 12-31-09 as they stand now and that all new rules will be effective as of January 1, 2010. The rules committee agrees.

The designing of score cards and placing cards was discussed. Shawn has some she previously made for an independent show. She will forward to the rest of the committee to review and discuss.

There was discussion of a rules/guideline book. Kristi volunteered to keep folders as each committee gets their rules approved by the Governing Board to facilitate putting together a rules/guideline book.

A face to face meeting was discussed and decided it would not work for this committee.

Finances were discussed as well as donations received so far.

The ILR-SD budget for the rules committee was discussed. A few figures were decided on with the information we know. Further discussion will probably be needed.

The next phone conference meeting will be March 2, 2009 at 8pm EST.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:56pm EST.

Debbie Arendas, Secretary