ILR Show Division Rules Committee Minutes - March 2, 2009
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ILR Show Division

March 2, 2009

Rules committee meeting was called to order at 8:02 pm EST. All members present: Mary Jo Miller, Debby Arendas –  Secretary, Pam Jensen – Chari, Kristy Murdock, Shawn Norman, Tom Ross.

The rules/guideline book was discussed. Kristi is currently putting all approved guidelines in folders. As new guidelines are approved she is submitting them to the ILR for posting on the website. They are currently being listed under ”Forms and Documents“.

As worked on by the youth and rules committee, wording was arranged so that appropriate guidelines for proper dress could be submitted to the Governing Board for approval. It was agreed by the rules committee that we do not wish to dictate a strict dress code. The wording approved by the committee states: "DRESS/ATTIRE:  There are no strict dress code requirements.  Appropriate attire is requested.  Such attire should be modest, professional and safe.  Examples of appropriate attire could be slacks, trousers, jeans or skirts and shirts or tops with sleeves.  Full shoes/boots required, no open toes or open heels. "

Upon discussing the Grand Prix it was noted that several members do not like that name and suggested changing it. Tom is still contacting people to volunteer to help on this committee. When that happens, the total concept will need to be worked out by that team. There will possibly be a need for conference calls for that sub-committee.

The entire committee was very impressed with the ILR-SD Mission Statement that was recently sent out to all committee members. The Rules Committee section was discussed and everyone agreed that the mission statement and responsibilities were complete.

As we get closer to actually putting together the ILR-SD Show Guideline book, this committee will probably need a face to face meeting/work session.

Through email, a Dual Sanctioning Form was put together and the final version was discussed. By unanimous vote the committee approved the form for submission to the Governing Board for approval.

The next meeting was not scheduled at this time as we need to wait until other committees get their guidelines approved by the Governing Board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm

Debbie Arendas, Secretary