ILR Show Division Rules Committee Minutes - May 13, 2009
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ILR Show Division

December 12, 2009

Meeting called to order at 8:08pm EST. Rules committee members present – Tom Ross, Debbie Arendas, Pam Jensen, Mary Jo Miller and Kristi Murdock. Excused was Linda Leake.

First order of business is to elect a committee chairman and secretary for 2010. Tom nominated Debbie for secretary and Pam for chairman. Kristi seconded both nominations. Votes were taken and both nominees were unanimously approved.

Discussion was held on incorporating the word “guidelines” into our committee name, since a major part of what we do is establish guidelines. Pam will take this to the Governing Board meeting.

Two new items were brought to the committee’s attention. The first being that it was decided that superintendents and apprentices will not be allowed to show their own animals and apprentice’s animals may not be shown at all (superintendent’s animals may be shown by someone else). The second item was the change in show fees effective 1-1-10. The new fee will be $2 per head for shows using Show Manager, and $4 per head for shows not using Show Manager.

All members were reminded that to serve on an ILR committee you must be an ILR-SD member. If you haven’t paid your 2010 dues, please do so at once.

Dual sanctioned shows were discussed. It had been previously decided they would be discontinued in 2010. There has been a large request for the dual sanctioning to continue, and it has been decided to allow them again in 2010.

Mary Jo is putting together an email blast for the ILR-SD Rules/Guidelines Committee to look over and discuss thru email with some ideas to present to the Governing Board.

Motion was made by Mary Jo to adjourn the meeting. Second was by Tom Ross. Meeting was adjourned at 9:09pm EST.

Debbie Arendas, Secretary