ILR Show Division Rules Committee Minutes - November 30, 2010
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ILR Show Division

November 30, 2010

Rules & Guidelines Committee conference call at 7pm CST on 11-30-10.

Present: Pam Jensen, Tom Ross, Bill Safreed, Debbie Arendas, and guest Karen Dean. Absent: Linda Leake and Kristi Murdock.

Committee Chair, Pam Jensen informed the committee her term is up and she would be running for another ILR-SD committee position. Pam thanked everyone on the committee for all the great work done over the past 2 years. Updates should be forth coming from the committees to take effect 1-1-11. Guidelines need to be reviewed and scrutinized to be sure they are correct for the first ILR-SD National Event coming in 2011. This committee will need to meet again after the first of the year to nominate a new chairperson and secretary.

Meeting adjourned 7:27pm CST.

Debbie Arendas, Rules Committee Secretary