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ILR Show Division

March 1, 2012

In Attendance: Debbie Arendas - Chair, Bill Safreed, Tom Ross,  Karen Dean

Debbie called the meeting to order.  

1.      Discussion on creating wording for inclusion in the Guidelines pertaining to a show superintendent being allowed to show in shorn fleece and fleece product classes.

Debbie presented the need for wording to be included in the Guidelines specifically addressing this.

Tom and Karen questioned the ethical considerations of this issue and the potential for future ramifications if approved. All agreed it is ethical in nature and should be carefully handled with an eye to the future. Bill suggested wording should discourage it and eliminate any ambiguity. All agreed. It was pointed out that despite the tags placed on shorn fleece and fleece products, which are not intended to give any indication of ownership, in some cases it is possible that items could be recognizable as belonging to specific individuals if they had been submitted at previous shows. Discussion continued concerning the need for closing existing loopholes in the Guidelines and avoiding creating new ones. All agreed we should work towards this goal. Debbie will work writing initial text on this issue for the committee to work on jointly by email. It was also decided we should take feedback from this year's Gathering into consideration and use it to help in determining eventual appropriate wording.  Once completed, our recommendation will be submitted to the Governing Board.

2.      Discussion on where the Show Division is and where we should be going; Discussion concerning the Finance Committee being disbanded and if references to it should be removed from the Guidelines.

Bill reported that registrations are down and the ILR has had to make cuts in office hours and personnel. Currently, the Show Division is affecting the overall budget. Solutions to this issue need to be discussed, such as fundraising options. Options that have been discussed by other committees are temporarily raising the per animal fee, mandatory memberships, and farm sponsors for the Show Division. Tom suggested approaching corporations/companies who provide goods and services to the llama industry for monetary donations in exchange for advertising on the ILR website. All were encouraged to submit suggestions as we think of them.

Bill presented that the Finance Committee has been disbanded by their request. Discussion concerning if references to this committee should be removed from the Guidelines. Suggestions from various committee members were to use wording that would prevent possible misunderstandings on the part of the membership by specifying this was due to the Finance Committee's request and their duties will be conducted now by the Show Division Liaison in conjunction with the Governing Board and Promotions.  Bill will author the initial text concerning this.

All committee members are in agreement that the ILR-SD needs more communication and feedback from the membership. The membership should be encouraged to express their opinions – both positive and negative – and make suggestions to either the individual committees or the Governing Board or both. Additional steps should be considered to more actively promote this at every opportunity.

3.      Discussion concerning adult judging competitions in the same vein as Youth.

Debbie presented that an additional $5.00 entry fee was being considered for this, which could contribute to Show Division funds.

Those in attendance at this meeting felt allowing adult judging competitions could encourage more active involvement/participation at shows, allow those possibly interested in becoming judges to "try it out," and would be highly educational to not only those participating but to those watching as well. We also felt it is unlikely that it would distract in any way from judging clinics; instead it could potentially increase attendance for those clinics.

All agreed the entry fee under consideration is appropriate.

4.      This committee will undertake reviewing the Guidelines for corrections that may be needed and items that may need to be addressed by individual committees in such areas as clarification and additional information. This will be ongoing as time allows.

Debbie reminded the committee her term ends at the end of this year. She encouraged thoughts directed towards her successor and for all to be on the lookout for others who might be interested in serving on this committee.

No further items were brought up and meeting ended.

Karen Dean, Secretary