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ILR Show Division

February 5, 2014

In attendance: - Pam Jensen- Chair, Carol Millard – Secretary, Debbie Arendas, Bill Safreed,

Pam called the meeting to order.

First order of business was acknowledging the officers that were elected by email voting as Pam Jensen for Chair and Carol Millard for Secretary.   

1.      Discussion of rule changes that are part of the new Guidelines 5.0.  One rule change was discussed about raising the youth age limit to 19 years old.  There was concern about changing rules such as this too quickly since it could have other implications.

2.      Discussion about the need to reinforce the original philosophy of not having too many stringent rules but to maintain them as guidelines so there is more flexibility for show management.  In order to keep the ILR shows exhibitor friendly, we may want to remember that early philosophy as changes are discussed.

3.      The committee agreed on a procedure for updating the guidelines in the future.  Besides following the Guidelines Modification Request Procedure as outlined in Governing Board Minutes February 19, 2013, submissions need to be received by the Chair of the Guidelines Committee by October 15th of each year.  If an extension is requested, that extension would be no later than November 1st.  Anything received after the deadline will not be included in the new years’ Guidelines and will have to wait until the following year. 

4.      The committee will be reviewing the Guidelines to familiarize ourselves with all the changes and to find any redundancies or errors.

5.      Committee members are researching potential new committee members to complete the committee composition.


As there was no other business to discuss, the meeting was closed. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Millard, Guidelines Secretary