ILR Show Division Halter Committee Minutes - January 18, 2009
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ILR Show Division

January 18, 2009

Justin Timm Committee Chair

Ryan Laux  Secretary

The committee would support using the Universal Awards Program Point system for awarding points to classes.  

Darrell’s idea from hogs: Break up the groups by ages from 5 months to 2 years evenly with an age break up discussed how far the break up would be.  3 month break up if there is an animal 3 months younger it would be dropped down to the next class. Animals over two years of age will show in the “mature” class. Points will be awarded to animals with “producing mature animals” – animals with ILR registered offspring and “non-producing” mature animals (no ILR registered offspring).

15 animal per class maximum for local and regional shows.

# of breakdowns of age groups can be decided on a show-by-show basis.

Discussion of fiber breakdown.

Non breeder discussion on Working Geldings: 100% conformation, and PR Geldings 80% conformation and 20% fiber. Gelding names for divisions may be changed depending on performance. Disposition will be discussed if it should be counted.

Recommended Fiber Divisions: Classic, Moderate fiber, Silky, Wooly, Suri – we can provide detailed description and photos to define each division.

Using a modified version of fiber committee’s criteria so that fiber be used for judging suri, silky and wooly divisions - 20% of judging is fiber characteristics, 80% conformation.

Video for judging criteria required by judges and available to anyone.

Oral reasons will be given for each class.  In double shows etc. orals reasons must be given by at least one judge for their placing. Judges and show can choose who will give reasons.

Best of Show Male, Female, and Gelding:  If Grand Champion leaves, next animal may fill in.

Points will be awarded for the Grand and Reserve based upon the total number of animals in the entire fiber division. Grand and Reserve will be placed similar to a class from 1 to 8 or however many are in the ring for Grand and Reserve.

Breeders Best would be a combined class for Get of Sire and Produce of Dam that could be offered based upon the number of entries. Get of Sire and Produce of Dam will require 2 animals, and both are required to show in halter class. Maximum of 2 entries per animal Supreme Sire point total of the show based upon total points

Breeder’s Choice would be a group (number is undecided) of animals representing a farm: small

VS large farms 20 registered animals  (no points given).  

Showmanship: Youth classes would be for ages 8-18 as of January 1st.  It was not discussed if youth would be able to show right away when they turn 8. The maximum class size is 15 for local and regional shows. For 2009 the youth showmanship divisions would be 8-11 as Juniors, 1-3 yr llama showing experience as Intermediates, 4 or more years as Advanced showmen; for 2010, the committee would agree with assigning points for designated levels of achievement to move from intermediate to advanced. Also, youth committee would recommend using a young person's age as of January 1st as their age for the year

Novice and Advanced for Adult showmanship with same point #. Points carry over from youth. 

Showmanship should be judged based upon presentation and preparation for a halter class. 

Our recommendation is that they would base the pattern upon the halter pattern. 

All members of the committee agreed that ALSA awards should receive recognition, but that they would not be counted toward the ILR point system.

Look at once a certain point level is achieved that the animals would be divided between 2 groups an advanced and novice division

Continued discussion has taken place if ILR would be able to double with an ALSA show. Also how age breakdowns would take place in that situation. For the first year leniency may be required for age breakdowns and fiber divisions due to some shows taking place before the requirements are finalized.