ILR Show Division Halter Committee Minutes - May 7, 2009
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ILR Show Division

May 7, 2009

Present: Hank Kaufman, Kristy Brown, Justin Timm and Ryan Laux.

Mini letter is approved.

Wool description letter approved for submitting to the Governing Board.

Best of Show discussion on original proposal of male, female, and non-breeder. Based upon GB recommendation all Grand Champions will be shown for a single Best of Show.  Option for break down for female, male, and non breeder.  Approved for submitting to the governing board

Production Pair:

Is the optional combination of Get of Sire and Produce of Dam if numbers do not support. If less than 4 groups combined that the 2 classes will be combined into a production pair class.

The classes will be judged on similar positive traits.

Approved for submitting to the governing board.

Points chart will be placed from the UAP to the Show division.

Wool divisions will be listed in show order on the website with the pictures and description on its own page. Wool descriptions will be released and approve prior to governing board

Decisions for Nationals:

~   Do you want a big show to call a National Show it can be done at any time.

~   If this is decided they need to show at 1 show.

~   If you want a Championship show you need to have a method for qualifying.

Committee consensus would be wait a year to announce a Nationals for the ILR Show Division. Approved for submitting to the governing board

Ryan Laux
Halter Committee Secretary