ILR Show Division Judges Committee Minutes - January 25, 2009
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ILR Show Division

January 25, 2009

I.  Call to Order, Roll Call, Minutes

The meeting was called to order by John McDougall at 7:00 pm. Absent on the conference call was Ken Austin.  There were no additions or deletions to the agenda. The minutes of the January 18, 2009 meeting had previously been approved by email.

II.  Old Business

1.      John gave a brief report on the Governing Board meeting of January 22, 2009 and informed the committee that he had forwarded a copy of the minutes of that meeting to each member of the committee. He encouraged each committee member to carefully read those minutes. At that meeting, the Governing Board had given its approval to the Judges Committee’s list of judges that had been submitted following our last meeting. Upon motion by Barb Harris and second by Mark Smith, the motion carried that the list be approved. It was noted that there are many requests being made for this list. Terry Duespohl will notify the judges of their approval and will forward a copy of the finalized list to the Governing Board members and to the ILR Office. John McDougall will contact those judges who had requested approval but were denied at this time.

2.      There had been a request from two shows, the Virginia Classic and the Camelid Extravaganza, for waivers for judges who had been selected prior to the publishing of the official ILR Judges list. The waivers were to allow Bob Wooldridge to judge performance classes at the Camelid Extravaganza and to allow Marc and Sandy Page to judge performance classes at the Virginia Classic. These waivers were approved by the Governing Board. Upon motion by Mark Smith and second by Judy Steffel, the motion carried that the waivers be granted with the following stipulations:

a.   that it be a one-show waiver.

b.   the show be held before March 31, 2009

c.   that a letter of reference for the above referenced performance judges be secured from an approved ILR judge.

d.   that Show Management print this disclaimer in the show materials: “The judge hired for this ILR Show Division sanctioned show is hired on a one-show special exemption from the ILR Show Division and is not an ILR Show Division approved judge. The ILR Show Division, its governing board or committees cannot be held liable or responsible for the service provided by this judge.”

3.    A draft Judging Contract had been circulated to the committee for comment. After brief discussion, it was decided that the draft was to be reworked to include a check-list to indicate for which sections of the show the judge was being contracted. The revised draft was to be circulated again for approval by the committee. Once approved, Terry Duespohl was instructed to send a copy of the contract to Justin Timm and to Paige McGrath—two show superintendents whose shows are in the very near future. The contract was also to be sent to the ILR office for posting on the website.

III.  New Business

1.     The next agenda item considered was a FAQ list for the Judges Committee to be posted on the ILR website. The FAQ list would provide a convenient way for people to get information about judges and the judges committee. Discussion ensued with several suggestions for questions to be posted:

        Where do I find an approved judges list?

        Where do I find a copy of a Judging Contract?

        How do you become an ILR approved judge?

        Do ILR judges need to be periodically certified? (This question sparked discussion among the committee, with no definitive direction taken except to concur that re-certifications, if required, would need to be on a rotating basis to avoid a “mass re-certification.”

It was decided that John McDougall will compile the list of FAQs as they are submitted by either members of the Show Division or by committee members.

2.     Mark Smith reported that the Halter Committee had made a suggestion that a Judging Video be prepared. After discussion, there was consensus among the committee that this would be a desirable thing and asked Mark to communicate the committee’s willingness to pursue this goal in conjunction with the halter committee and any other appropriate committee. It was discussed that this was somewhat premature until the show format has been finalized. Mark also reported that the halter committee was recommending that at multiple judged shows, a set of oral reasons should be given for each class. The judges could alternate giving reasons according to a jointly agreed upon rotation. This was very positively received by the judges committee.

3.     The rules committee has observed that it is probably inevitable that there will be controversies at shows that will result in protests. The judges committee by assent agreed to cooperate with the rules committee to develop a protest procedure. There was considerable discussion about the frivolous nature of many of the protests that had been filed in other llama show associations. While it is necessary to have a procedure to handle legitimate controversy, the committee consensus was that some way of discouraging frivolous protests was desirable. Discussion included: a higher filing fee for protests ($200.00 was mentioned); and the use of a grievance/mediation procedure prior to the formal protest. It was mentioned that such a procedure had been suggested to another show association, but no action had been taken.  Mark Smith volunteered to secure a copy of the procedure from the author as a starting point for further discussion.

4.     Mark reported that there had been discussion in the Governing Board about a face-to-face meeting to include Governing Board members as well as committee members. Fr. Ryan had offered facilities at his monastery as a venue. The consensus of the committee was that with the current good level of progress toward formulating the Show Division, little could be gained with a face-to-face meeting at this time. It was felt that such a meeting would be advantageous in the future, but felt that such a meeting would benefit from a professional facilitator.

5.     There was discussion about the Youth Judging Program. The discussion revolved around problems with the program as formulated in another show association. The judges committee would like to have input when this program is being considered within the ILR Show Division.

6.     Kay Sharpnack had volunteered to host a judge’s clinic/workshop May 22-24, 2009. While the committee is appreciative of the offer, it feels that it is premature to undertake such an endeavor at this time. Mark will communicate with Kay.

7.  The following is a list of other issues that the committee needs to be working on in the near future:

a.   A statement of judges’ committee responsibilities / purpose / mission. Terry Duespohl volunteered to prepare a draft as a starting point for discussion.

b.   Standing rules for judges.

c.   Ethical guidelines for judges.

d.   Judges training.

IV.  For the Good of the Order

Based upon his years working in the non-profit sector, John McDougall shared his thoughts about fund raising.  His philosophy is that “everyone is a fundraiser.” Each member needs to support this new endeavor at whatever level is possible and call upon friends and acquaintances to also provide financial support. There was discussion suggesting that shows could perhaps include an opportunity on each entry form to donate to the Show Division.

John also called upon the committee to “rise above the crap”—a sentiment shared by all on the committee.  Negativism is counterproductive. We have an exciting opportunity to positively influence the industry, and must not allow the effort to be derailed by getting embroiled in diatribe.

V.  Next Meeting and Adjournment

By consensus the next meeting date was established as February 15, 2009. Upon motion by Mark Smith, and second by Barb Harris a unanimous vote adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Duespohl
Secretary, Judges Committee