ILR Show Division Judges Committee Minutes - January 10, 2012
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ILR Show Division

January 10, 2012

Meeting called to order: 8:05 EST  

The ILR-SD Judges Committee wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our member judges a Happy and Prosperous 2012

Attending: Beth Myers, Adrienne Hochee, Phil Feiner, Tami Lash, Kat McKinney 

Absent: Ken Austin

New Chair:  Adrienne Hochee

Secretary:  Temporarily Kat McKinney 


  1. Add H,P,Y to Terese Evenson apprenticeship.  
  1. Add H,P,Y to Sara Nichols apprenticeship.    
  1. Committee suggests that Sara Nichols take a mentorship or one more apprenticeship before final approval. 
  1. Motion by Tami. Second by Adrienne.  Approved 5 ayes.
  1. Creation of 2012 Guidelines test for H, Y, P & General info and Fleece.
  1. Beth to review 2012 Guidelines to be sure all revision for 2012 are correct and in Guidelines.
  1. Chair to create new 2012 test. Beth to forward to Chair copies of past tests for reference.  Test should be random but follow guidelines in a simple easy order. Similar to n open book test. Test to be used as a refresher course for all judges.
  1. Creation of test to be tabled until all 2012 Guidelines edits are completed and on website. Draft test to be sent to committee for corrections and approval.  Completion  date of test by judges to be announced.
  1. All decisions and approvals for 2010 and 2011 from Judges committee are in 2010 and 2011 GB minutes. For 2012 all minutes from judges committee meetings will be posted to the judges’ committee section of the ILR website.
  1. A situation arose last year which led to a discussion regarding apprentices at ILR-SD shows. An apprentice must get permission from the show superintendent at the show which he/she would like to apprentice as well as the officiating judge (Please see ILR-SD Guidelines, Section IV Judges and Apprentices, Sub Section A, 4,d.) It is the judge’s prerogative whether to accept or deny the request.
  1. Discussion of need for judges to have hard copy of guidelines each year.


  1. Margret Henry asked for an extension for permanent certification. The extension was granted by judges’ committee. Discussion on how long extension is to be granted for.  Decision tabled until after Mark Smith Clinic.
  1. Approval of certification for Niki Kuklenski as Advanced Teaching Judge. Discussion that she had met all qualifications as per the guidelines.  Approve Niki Kuklenski as ATJ. Motion Adrienne,  Second Tami. 4 ayes 1 abstention.
  1. Housekeeping: 

a.       Past Chair will forward all pertinent materials from Judges’ committee to the new Chair. Info and historical material in computer files will be forwarded electronically. All printed material will be boxed and mailed to new chair.

b.       New Chair confirmed Judges’ committee procedures.

c.       Time for all calls will be 8:00 pm EST. Calls will be conducted on an as needed basis. Date to be agreed on by all committee members.

d.       Email will be used as main communication for votes and discussions for judges committee. All emails will be sent through the group e-mail address: All email votes and decisions will be converted into a form of minutes and posted to the Judges’ committee minutes section of website

Motion to adjourn: Tami.  Second Phil

Meeting adjourned 9:15 EST.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathi McKinney
Temporary Secretary