ILR Show Division Judges Committee Minutes - January 10, 2012
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ILR Show Division

February 15, 2012

Called to order 8:00 EST

Attending: Adrienne Hochee, Phil Feiner, Ken Austin, Beth Myers, Kathi McKinney

Absent: Tami Lash 



Youth committee proposal for Youth judging.

  • The judges committee is impressed with the amount of work that went into the proposal.
  • Since there were some questions raised about the proposal it was decided to return the proposal to the youth committee for clarification. 
  • We want to stress that the judges prefer no one be in the ring with the judge at a show unless it is a steward or apprentice.
  • If an adult wants to enter a judging competition, the logical place for that would be the apprentice program. 
  • Time alloted for this youth judging/mentoring program must be a consideration.

Debbie Shellabarger has applied to be a teaching judge. 

  • She has one final ILR show in April, to complete to meet all requirements to be approved as a teaching judge.
  • Beth moved to approve Debbie, pending the completion of the April ILR show, as a Teaching Judge. Seconded by Ken 5 ayes.

Discussion was held regarding adding a Fleece Judge to the Committee. 

  • It was decided that since Tami is currently a Fleece Judge and Phil is an Apprentice, that an additional member would not be needed.

The Judges Annual Guidelines Refresher Test for Halter, Performance, and Youth, will be completed and sent out to all judges and clinic participants at Mark Smith's clinic next week. 

  • It was suggested that the judges be given 30 days to complete and return test to the judges committee chair. The participants at Mark's clinic shall return the test to the judges committee chair on their return home. The annual refresher test will be sent by email to all. It can be completed and returned in the same fashion. If the test is not received by the end of February please contact the Chair of the committee.Due date of Refresher test will be stated on the Test.

The chair of the judges committee will contact the fleece committee chair about the production of the Annual Fleece Judges Refresher Test

  • The test is to be sent to judges committee for distribution to fleece judges. The completed tests are to be returned to the chair of judges committee

Judges Clinics:

  • Beth proposed a schedule, from the organizer of the event, needs to forwarded to the judges committee for approval. This to provide a protocol for continuity for all future judges'clinics.  tabled for further discussion.

Motion to adjourn: Ken, second: Phil. 5 ayes

Adjourned: 9:19 EST

Respectfully submitted,

Kathi McKinney
Temporary Secretary