ILR Show Division Judges Committee Minutes - January 10, 2012
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ILR Show Division

May 24, 2012

Present: Adrienne Hochee – Chair, Philip Feiner – Secretary, Kathi (Kat) McKinney, Tami Lash, Beth Myers, Ken Austin

Meeting called to order at 8:02PM

Old Business:

A discussion was held regarding Cathie Kindler and the Fast Track program.  After reviewing Cathie’s judging experience, the Judges Committee agreed to allow her to enter the program. Tami moved to allow Cathie to enter the Fast Track Program, Kat seconded. No discussion, motion carried.

Tami moved to grant Mike Haumschild certification as a Halter Judge. He has met the requirements with numerous letters of recommendation, etc. Tami moved to grant Mike certification, Beth seconded. No discussion, motion carried.

New Business:

The Youth Committee has suggested offering a judging class at ILR-SD shows.  The Judges Committee would like a member of the committee to meet with a member of the Youth Committee to discuss our concerns. After discussion, the Judges Committee will contact Kristie Brown, who is the Youth Committee liaison, and advise her of our concerns. She will discuss the matter with the Youth Committee chair and if a meeting is required, the Judges’ Committee will take action to facilitate such a meeting. 

The Governing Board is looking for a few questions from each committee to be posed to the membership regarding each committee. The Judges Committee suggests asking: Are you happy with the actions, workings of the Judges’ Committee? If not, what would you like to see changed?

The Judges Committee discussed the ILR-SD expenses as it relates to printing and circulating the annual Guidelines booklet. After some discussion, the committee decided to table the discussion until the end of the year where the finances of the ILR-SD could be more accurately studied.

Ryan Laux has completed his first apprenticeship with Beth Myers. Ryan did an excellent job with his halter placing and reasons. Beth recommends that since he is applying for certification as a Halter, Performance, Youth judge, that Ryan do an additional apprentice in an effort to gain additional experience in his performance evaluations and placing.

Beth suggested some minor modifications to the Apprentice Evaluation Forms.  Tami moved to accept the modifications, Ken seconded. No discussion. Motion carried. 

Tami discussed the Camelid Companion Program, which is to be launched at this year’s annual Gathering. Performance judges will require no additional training to participate in the scoring related to this program. Tami moved to allow existing Performance Judges to participate in scoring, Beth seconded. No discussion.  Motion carried.

Kat left the meeting at 8:57 Eastern Time

Motion by Ken to adjourn the meeting at 9:03 PM Eastern. Beth seconded, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Phil Feiner, Secretar