ILR Show Division Judges Committee Minutes - December 11, 2012
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ILR Show Division

December 11, 2012

Present: Beth Myers - Chair, Philip Feiner - Secretary, Tami Lash, Ken Austin, Kay Berg

Absent: Kathi (Kat) McKinney

Meeting called to order at 8:04 PM EST

New Business:

Letters were sent to Courtnee Benson, Rick Neal & Rose Bloom regarding their requests to enter the Judging and Fast Track program.

The JC is working on a spreadsheet containing information on Judges and Apprentice Judges to give the Committee members an indication of where these individuals stand in regards to completed apprenticeships, Open Book Test, etc. at a glance.  Philip created a document for review.  The committee members will review the document and recommend fields etc. that they would like to see in the document.

The JC recommended an increase in Membership Dues from $25.00 to $35.00 annually effective January 01, 2013.  Additionally, the JC recommended that Apprentice Judges pay dues as well.   After discussion with the Governing Board, the JC request to keep the dues increase at $35.00 was accepted by the GB.

Ken Austin left the meeting at 8:37 PM EST

Mark Smith has requested acceptance as an ILR-SD Teaching Judge - HPY. Upon review of the letters of recommendation and comments by the judges with whom he has worked, the JC recommends approval. The JC recommends that Mark be given a one time exemption as he has not judged the required number of shows typically required for acceptance as a Teaching Judge.  Given Mark's considerable experience, the JC feels this exemption is warranted.  Tami moved to accept Mark as a certified Teaching Judge, Philip seconded.  No further discussion.  Approved

Mark Smith has submitted a request to hold a HPY Seminar in the spring of 2013.  The 2012 Seminar that Mark held was one of the largest and most successful seminars to date. Tami moved to accept Mark's request to hold the seminar, Philip seconded.  No further discussion.  Approved 

The JC is working on a "planning guide" to be distributed to Seminar Hosts.  The guide will prepare potential hosts for what to expect in terms of expenses, curriculum, etc. 

Old Business: 

The JC received a complaint by an exhibitor regarding a judge and his/her perceived lack of clarity in placing and inadequate oral reasons.  After considerable discussion, the JC has developed a basic procedure for these situations as they arise.  The JC will draft a letter to the individual whose actions are being questioned and outline the comments and concerns and the nature of the complaint.  The JC will request that the individual being questioned submit a written response to the JC.  The committee may recommend that the individual have a conversation with a Teaching Judge to address the issues. Kay moved to create a document to the individual in question, Tami seconded.  No further discussion.  Approved

Terese Everson has requested acceptance into the ILR-SD Judge - Fleece. Upon review of the comments by the judges with whom she apprenticed, and the mentors with whom she worked, the JC recommends approval. Tami moved to accept Terese as a certified Fleece judge, Philip seconded.  No further discussion.  Approved

The JC is one of the most active committees of the ILR-SD and requires commitment and dedication on the part of its members.  The committee is working on roles and responsibilities for its members, most of which lie with the Committee Chair and Secretary.  The committee stresses the importance of the commitment of its members and expects their commitment to the committee, meetings, etc. to be ongoing.   

The committee would like to offer its sincere appreciation to Beth Myers for her years of service to the Judges' Committee.  This is Beth's last year as the Chair and Member of the JC - her dedication and leadership has been invaluable to the committee.

Tami moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:31PM EST.  Kay seconded.  No further discussion.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Feiner, Secretary