ILR Show Division Performance Committee Minutes - January 19, 2009
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ILR Show Division

January 19, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm EST

Members Karen Baum (ILR BOD Representative), Deb Garvin, Jim Krowka, Tami Lash, Brian Patterson, Tom Rothering

Members introduced themselves and provided a brief background of interest and experience in show performance.

Karen introduced 1st item for committee agenda, to elect a chair and secretary. Following discussion, motion was made by Deb Garvin that Tami Lash serve as Chair and Jim Krowka as Secretary. Motion seconded by Brian Patterson. Motion unanimously approved.

Jim commented that committee function necessitated member involvement and it was agreed unanimously that 48 hours notice would be sufficient for member response to topics for the committee to assume either agreement or no comment from members. Flexibility will be allowed for extenuating circumstances when members have opinions differing from committee consensus that warrants further discussion. 

To facilitate email discussion management, it was recommended emails from this committee should be headed with an identifier. It was suggested and approved that ILRP be used by committee members for emails related to this committee's business. 

NEXT TOPIC involved discussion of the focus and goals for this committee. Email discussion prior to the meeting involved discussion of level of achievement format VS the tradition of the obstacle course format. Committee members favored Debi's email recommendations regarding level of achievement proposals.

The unanimous consensus was that change is needed but that this will take time to structure and implement.  Because the show season will arrive very soon (some shows such as State Fairs have already presented class listings) developing a format for 2009 that would not create unnecessary burden or change, yet reflect a different structure and allow for new structural implementation over time,  would be a reasonable direction for the committee to pursue.  Tami and Tom recommended keeping things  simple for now and still allow all show supers the freedom to implement ILR Sanctioning, while allowing their current rulings to be in place.

It was suggested that change, rather than being specific to performance format initially, could be integrated by how the reward system and scoring was designed.  Jim suggested that posting a list of the judges scoring for each obstacle for each participant following each class at shows could initiate considerable options and opportunity for rewards and learning. The committee unanimously favored this idea be recommended show management have at this time the option to utilize this feature at their discretion at shows. 

Considerable discussion continued about the structure of performance. The committee enthusiastically approved a three division format for use this year:

Companion PR

Trail Pack

Freestyle Obstacle (agility, dressage were alternate terms that could be utilized as events became more task specific)

At 8:15 EST Deb Garvin had to leave the meeting for family commitments. Tami agreed to fill her in on what occurred at the rest of the meeting.

The group consensus was to allow show management considerable flexibility for this year to decide what to do.  Specific requirement for classes would be avoided to allow show management creativity and help keep things simple and utilize existing resources.

A beginning guideline for Companion, PR was developed:

- Evaluate the relationship between llama and handler performing the required tasks, as simulated with public interaction.

Discussion diverged to other areas including costs to show management.  Tom mentioned the costs of ribbons and ideas for recycling unwanted ribbons. Discussion and suggestions on how options for certificates VS ribbons could be made available to show management to help reduce show costs.

Discussion on the reward structure noted that a new system offered the potential for more rewards and yet offering a top award was something that would be desired and sought after by participants.

Discussion noted that historically class size as a determinant of rewards has been problematic.  Although the general consensus initially favored that class size should not be a factor for reward or points, more discussion on this has been recommended by Karen prior to making any final decisions.

For the 2009 show season,  the performance division will recognize Novice, Advanced and Open class options.

It was agreed the committee would fill in some details regarding guidelines for the three divisions via email, hoping to have them completed by Wednesday evening for Tami to present to the governing board when they meet this Thursday. 

Next meeting:  Jan 25, 2009 at 7pm EST 

Meeting Adjourned around 9:15 EST

Respectfully submitted for approval,

Jim Krowka
ILR Show Division Performance Committee