ILR Show Division Performance Committee Minutes - June 3, 2009
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ILR Show Division

June 3, 2009

Meeting called to order 8:05 EST

Members attending: Debi Garvin , Tami Lash, Jim Krowka, Patti Morgan, Tom Rothering, Father Ryan Scott

Agenda Item #1

Minutes from last meeting unanimously approved.

Next discussion pertained to questions that have arisen regarding correct entry of llamas in the appropriate division, novice or advanced, and also regarding the option for llamas that have competed in advanced either to fill classes or otherwise to have the option to move back down again. It was noted that the rules for moving up a division as currently stated adequately pertain to the requirement for mandatory movement from novice to advanced performance level. However, the committee discussed that some llamas who participate in advanced classes of their own choosing, perhaps to “test the waters” prior to earning 35 points or who are asked to compete in advanced to fill classes at shows should be allowed to show in novice level if they haven't earned the 35 points in novice requiring movement from novice to advanced, and provided they have not earned beyond a certain number of points in the respective advanced division. No decision was reached the committee agreed to continue discussion.

Some brief discussion occurred on the recent Frequently Asked Questions list developed by the ILR-SD and it was agreed this was a great idea and that the performance committee could begin thinking about adding a performance specific list to that document.

Agenda Item #2

Performance Scoring document

The remainder of the meeting time was spent on this continuing with Handler Faults.

All points were unanimously agreed on excepting fault item #8 concerning quick release knots incorrectly tied incurring a major point deduction. Rationale for this ruling presented by Tami and others was that this knot has in some regions become the task itself. Jim disagreed with the inclusion of this here noting this is a handler task, not a llama task and presented numerous supporting details for not including it. The majority of the committee decided incorrect tying of a quick release knot could incur a major deduction.

The committee began discussion of the Llama fault section of the scoring document. Again all points were unanimously agreed on with the exception of deductions for "inattentiveness" and "irritability" such as a llama looking around or walking with ears laid back while negotiating a task. Jim's rationale involves the subjectivity of these labels and that they did not involve any assessment of actual resistance. Other committee members felt that attitude and a perspective of irritation coincided with resistance and the majority voted to keep inattentiveness and irritability as labels for point deduction.

The committee made significant progress to the end of the llama fault section and agreed to continue email discussion on final thoughts or anything that might have to date been missed that needed inclusion with hopes of sending a draft to the judges committee for review ASAP. The committee discussed and agreed to finalizing the Performance Scoring document within the next few days, and for this to be sent on to the Judge's committee for their review and to send a final copy to the GB for their meeting on the 23rd.

It was noted that the committee still had not addressed driving course/trials and agreed this should be prioritized. The committee supported the suggestions that input from the driving community would be useful and that ground driving should become an important part of this course/trial division.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 8, 8:00 p.m. EST

Meeting adjourned 10:15 EST 

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Krowka, Secretary