ILR Show Division Performance Committee Minutes - July 15, 2009
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ILR Show Division

July 15, 2009

Meeting called to order 8:05 EST

Members attending: Debi Garvin , Tami Lash, Jim Krowka, Patti Morgan, Tom Rothering, Bill Safreed

Agenda Item #1
from last meeting unanimously approved.

Next, Bill gave the group a report on the ILR Board of Directors face-to-face meeting.

Old Business—

The group discussed Glen's concern about having only one performance tabulation table. The group agreed to keep the tables separate as previously agreed on.

Discussion then moved to the topic of novice llamas showing in advanced and open classes.  The group agreed upon the wording that: "novice animals can continue showing in novice classes until they have earned 35 points in novice or 5 points showing in advanced divisions. "

Some discussion occurred regarding the Frequently Asked Questions list and the group agreed to add to or send in to Dar what had been assembled so far, keeping in mind this would be a work in progress.

During previous email discussion it had been recommended that ground driving be listed as a point class along with some changes and additions to the driving class descriptions: Change to the Guidebook Section:



            2. Performance Classes

                  a.) Approved Performance Classes in the Open/Adult Division

                        (1) Public Relations / Companion

                        (2) Pack / Trail

                        (3) Freestyle Obstacle

                        (4)  Open Road/Pleasure Driving

                        (5) Obstacle/Manuvering Driving

                        (6) Open Road/Pleasure Ground Driving

                        (7) Obstacle/Manuvering Ground Driving

A llama can only enter one division of each (i.e., they can be in Open Road Driving and Obstacle/           Maneuvering Ground Driving, or in Open Road Ground Driving and Obstacle/Maneuvering Driving, but not in BOTH Open Road Driving and Open Road Ground Driving, nor in BOTH Obstacle / Maneuvering Driving and Obstacle / Maneuvering Ground Driving); likewise a llama could be in both driving classes, but eligible for multiple-hitch ground driving classes at the same show.

Animals may participate in ground classes with no status restriction. If a handler feels their animal can handle driving in harness pulling a cart, they may show them in driving classes at any time without being prohibited from returning to competing at ground driving at subsequent shows. Animals cannot compete in both ground driving and driving of the same type class at the same show. Once they earn their first certificate of achievement in the ground driving classes, or 5 points in the driving classes, they are no longer eligible to compete in the ground driving classes.

Note points, not ribbons or places, because 2nd out of two or 1st place out of one doesn't prove readiness for working in harness. 

These were approved to be sent in to the GB for their next meeting.

Next, Patti reported on a letter she had received from a concerned member regarding asking a llama to kush as a task in a course/trial. Member felt that kushing was not appropriate. The group felt kushing was an acceptable request and task but that it was not appropriate at the novice level and that this should be made clear. The group decided to incorporate the answer to this in the performance FAQ and developed wording to help clarify member concerns.

Agenda Item 
The remainder of the meeting involved discussion of driving. The group had already decided that driving would not be part of the Performance Champion Tabulation system. With that in mind the group agreed that Driving should be a separate division with it's own Champion determined from the total scores and it's own set of rules, definitions and guidelines. Patti also shared another member concern that the ILR-SD  offer separate driving championships . 

The group discussed and worked through many details of the Driving division rules definitions and guidelines. There was no time for discussion of scoring and tasks, discussion of which will be continued at the next meeting.

The next meeting  scheduled for Wednesday, August 19, 8:00 p.m. EST

Prior to the finalization of these minutes during email discussion, the next meeting date was changed to 9-30-09, 8 p.m  EST

Meeting adjourned 10:15 EST

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Krowka, Secretary