ILR Show Division Performance Committee Minutes - September 30, 2009
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ILR Show Division

September 30, 2009

Meeting called to order 8:05 EST

Members attending: Tami Lash, Jim Krowka, Tom Rothering, Bill Safreed (Patti Morgan and Debi Garvin joined the meeting late.)

Agenda Item #1
from last meeting unanimously approved.

Old Business—
The committee discussed concerns about judging packs and pack removal in the Trail/Pack class/trials. Patti agreed to begin work on informational resources for proper pack placement and proper cinch placement (for all types of double-cinched pack systems) and also on proper pack removal. 

The committee once again addressed what appears to be a continuing problem topic regarding youth showing their advanced llamas in novice divisions. It was agreed to continue working on developing verbiage and a solution that is fair and acceptable to all competitors. 

The remainder of the meeting involved discussion of the driving division document. The group continued to methodically evaluate each detail of the driving division document, scoring and tasks with specific focus on details. Tami brought to the groups attention needed discussion. The document was tentatively completed and Jim would make changes as discussed. (Discussion continued and revised a number of times in the weeks following this meeting arriving at a pending finalized draft of the Driving Division Document). 

Agenda Item
The committee briefly discussed beginning changes for the year 2010. Debi presented ideas on level of achievement competition. The group agreed to have Debi and Jim begin working on developing these ideas.

The next meeting scheduled for Monday, Oct 26, 8:00 p.m. EST

Meeting adjourned 10:15 EST

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Krowka