ILR Show Division Performance Committee Minutes - December 30, 2009
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ILR Show Division

December 30, 2009

Meeting called to order 8:05 EST.

Members attending: Jim Krowka, Tom Rothering, Bill Safreed, Tara McCrone, for a portion of the meeting: Tami Lash and Debi Garvin

Meeting began by welcoming Tara to the committee and getting acquainted discussion.

First item of business involved unanimous approval of the minutes from the last meeting.

Next the committee continued discussion of the packing document. Following previous discussion from meetings and email resulting in revision of the original draft presented, the committee remained divided on the wording for one section. During the discussion Debi Garvin entered the meeting.

Discussion moved onto the next order of business: election of officers for he upcoming year. Tami informed the group she would not be remaining on the committee. Following discussion Jim was unanimously elected chair and
Tara was elected secretary of the committee for 2010.

Tami left the meeting. Discussion on the packing document resumed and new wording was established and Jim would present a revised final draft to the committee for approval.

There was then some discussion on the Camelid Companion Certification program which the group agreed would be a major project for the performance committee this year, as well as some other new concepts such as a revised procedure for scoring by adding faults instead of deducting points. To save
phone call time committee members agreed that discussion on these could be done via email.

Jim agreed to guide
Tara's transition in the role of committee secretary and would send her all the necessary information and protocol.

Discussion of the next phone meeting date resulted in the committee decision to continue discussion of committee business via email during which a date for a phone call meeting could be set when and if the committee felt it necessary to do so.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25PM EST

Respectfully submitted,
Tara McCrone