ILR Show Division Performance Committee Minutes - April 15, 2010
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ILR Show Division

April 15, 2010

Meeting called to order 9:10 EST
Members attending: Debi Garvin , Jim Krowka, Sherri  Tallmon, Tom Rothering, Bill Safreed.
Agenda Item  #1
During email discussion Tara McCrone informed the committee that other life issues would be occupying her time which could compromise any available time to spend on the committee. She let the committee know that if we wanted to replace her it would be understood. The committee discussed this and decided to encourage Tara to remain on the committee in a less active role until such time that more participation is required. A potential replacement for her for the committee could also be sought during this time. It will be necessary to have someone on the committee serve as Secretary if Tara cannot participate regularly. Jim agreed to act as secretary for this meeting.

Agenda Item #2
Camelid Companion Certification (CCC) – Rules

1. Discussion involved the $5 fee and the responses to date from show management regarding allowing CCC trials at Llama shows. The initial response from show management has  been mixed. One show manager welcomed the idea, but others  inaccurately perceived it would cause more work for no return or else again inaccurately perceived that there would be no time for people to participate in yet another activity. One comment from SM to the committee involved what SM would be getting out of holding CCC trials. It needs to be reinforced that CCC trials are separate and will not be the responsibility of SM to coordinate. The benefits to shows do not  involve immediate $$ reimbursement. The attraction to CCC trials over time will almost certainly result in increase attraction to and participation in shows because of their presence. This is the longer term benefit.   

Debi recommended that it might be easier to market the CCC program outside of the traditional show format, on farms and other types of events, in 4-H events. Success and demand for this program would likely result in more demand which would encourage show management receptivity to the CCC trials. The committee agreed that energy in this direction might be more productively spent.

Because CCC trials are not a part of current show format, the $5 entry fee should remain to keep the cost to participants low and go to the ILR to cover the costs for program maintenance. Additional charges would be up to individual trial hosts/certifiers whether that be show management or individuals / groups hosting the trials. The goal, however, is to keep the cost down to encourage more participation with llamas in exciting and challenging forums to play in.   

2. New rules for registration were discussed with the following being recommended.

A.  ILR-SD membership NOT required to participate in CCC trials or have achievements recorded on a llama’s web page or earn UAP points.

B.  All participating llamas must be either ILR registered or have an ILR tracking number.

C.  Youth are not required to have ILR membership and can participate and have their achievements recorded with the same requirements as per SD rules until they are 18 after which they will participate with adult.

D.  Adults can participate in the Basic Camelid Citizenship Level without ILR membership and have llama achievement recorded. Participation in CCC trials beyond the  Basic Citizenship level will require ILR membership.

Agenda item  #3.
Discussion of interest in and the scope of development of the CCC resulted in the recommendation to the GB and for the establishment of a CCC Focus group whose members are non-elected but approved by the performance committee and GB. This focus group will have a liaison to the Performance committee whose members can also participate on the Focus group discussions. Focus group reports and recommendations would be sent to the performance committee and GB for review and approval.

Agenda  Item #4
Discussion occurred for development of an e-blast and higher profile promotion of the CCC trials. It is recommended by the performance committee that the CCC rules and information be included with the UAP  information and as a separate program under the ILR SD web  pages.

Agenda Item #5
CCC Certifier Qualifications

Prospective certifier requests would be sent jointly to the CCC Focus Group and Performance Committee for review.

Ideally a method  similar to the PLTA model would be best where certifier applicants must have completed a specified number of trials and an apprenticeship at two trials.

Because the CCC is a new program such requirements are not possible yet  so certifiers must be drawn from the resources of existing performance community members. The committee developed the following list which for now can help assure a level of competency to certifier status.

1. To be  considered to be a CCC certifier applicants must be ILR members and have one  or any combination of the following:
ILR judging license.
Show  Performance experience.
Verifiable outside of show arena performance experience such as driving experience, packing experience including PLTA certification, Delta Society certification or other PR training  experience.
Verifiable experience giving training workshops.

Applicants would then be screened by the Focus Group/Performance Committee to demonstrate knowledge of the Rules and Guidelines for organizing trials, competitor participation in the CCC,  and for judging the trials.(Screening process to be  developed.)

2. Certifier applications approved by the performance committee would then be sent to GB for final approval.

The final step in the process would involve certifiers signing a letter of agreement that they have reviewed and understand the CCC program and will abide by the ILR  rules and guidelines for these trials including collection and handling of  registration materials and funds.   

Agenda Item  #6
Rules and Guidelines

Based on noted deficiencies the Guidebook verbiage potentially leading to misinterpretation, the performance committee will over the next couple of months review the performance section of the guidebook to note and recommend changes to any such examples should they exist  .

Agenda Item #7
There was no time for discussion of the next Track being developed, the Companion llama Track whose tasks Jim had submitted for review and discussion. The group agreed to discuss these via email .  

No next meeting date has been set. The committee agreed to continue more active e-mail discussion and to hold a phone meeting when need arises.
Meeting adjourned 10:50pm EST
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Krowka
Committee Chair