ILR Show Division Youth Committee Minutes - January 31, 2011
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ILR Show Division

January 31, 2011

Meeting started at 5:05 pm (Eastern Time)

In attendance: Matt Fruits, Ed Bender, KristyBrown, Seth Onsager, Michelle Kutzler

1.                   Minutes from the August board meeting were approved.

2.                   Officer elections

a.       Matt was nominated by Kristy to be chair and was unanimously elected.

b.       Michelle was nominated by Kristy to be secretary and was uninamously elected.

3.                   Information from ILR Board: Kristy

a.       The first ILR National/International show is scheduled for June 17-19, 2011, in Des Moines, Iowa.

                                                               i.      The show will be promoted as a family vacation event with lots of family and youth activities. 

                                                             ii.      Youth will not need to qualify to compete this year but they will need to be an ILR-SD member.

b.       The ILR is offering a “Pot of Gold” Gelding Futurity for Youth, which is a year-end cash award to youth who own and show their own geldings.

                                                               i.      There is a $75 nominating fee.

                                                             ii.      More information about this program is available on the ILR website and will be sent out to members again by email.

4.                   Sportsmanship award form & Youth membership form: Kristy

a.       The Youth Committee discussed several edits.

b.       Kristy will make these changes and resend these documents to the committee.

c.       The Youth Committee will need to make a final vote on these changes via email before February 16 so that the document can be submitted to the ILR Board for a vote.

5.                   Youth membership grant application: Kristy

a.       There were only a few changes discussed by the Youth Committee.

b.       Michelle motioned to approve this document with the suggested changes and it was seconded by Matt.

c.       Kristy will make these changes and send the document to the ILR Board for a vote.

6.                   Youth judging

a.       The “Judges” section on the ILR website has been revised and all of the Youth Committee members should review the new rules.

b.       Kristy has been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make youth judging more fun and exciting. Kristy discussed these ideas with the Youth Committee and will email the Youth Committee a longer description of these ideas.

                                                               i.      Idea #1: Instead of having a youth judging class similar to ALSA, offer judging competitions that would be open to youth and adults.

                                                             ii.      Idea #2: Despite our attempts as mentors to have you go on to become judges, few do.  This idea would be to offer a Judges’ education or mentoring program at shows. This would not be a competition but youth would still register for it as a class. It would be limited to one child per class, such that if there were 4 children registered, then 4 classes would have children shadow the judges.

7.                   Website update: Seth

a.       Seth has not heard back from Sara yet and will let us know when he has.

b.       The Youth Committee website will be fully functional April 1, 2012.

8.                   The next meeting is scheduled for March 13, Sunday from 5-6 pm Eastern time.

Matt motioned to adjourn and Michelle seconded. Adjourned at 5:55 pm (Eastern Time).

2012 ILR-SD Youth Committee Contact Information

    1. Matt Fruits (chair): 3283 E 350 N, Crawfordsville, IN 47933
      Home phone: (765) 376-0261; E-mail:
    1. Michelle Kutzler (secretary): P.O. Box 234, Philomath, OR  97370
      Home phone: (541) 929-7672; Cell phone: (541) 740-1434;
    2. Kristy Brown, 7369 Kate Ave, Sparta, WI  54656
      Home phone: (608) 269-3292; Cell phone: (608) 487-5964;
    1. Edward Bender: 300 Beaumont Highway, Lebanon, CT 06249
      Home phone: (860) 423-0380; Cell phone: (860) 428-6250; E-mail:
    1. Seth Onsager (website manager): N5176 Hwy HH, Mauston, WI  53948
      Cell phone: 608) 797-0924; E-mail:
    2. Debbie Shellabarger: 1225 Nash Road, Xenia, OH  45385
      Home phone: (937) 376-2980; Cell phone: (937) 470-0080; E-mail: