ILR Show Division Youth Committee Minutes - March 19, 2013
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ILR Show Division

March 19, 2013

Time: 8:03 pm Eastern Time

Action items are in bold.

In attendance: Elaine Brovont, Matt Fruits, Debbie Shellabarger, Sharon Carrier, Michelle Kutzler, Karen Baum.

I.        Old Business

a.    Approval of the February ILR SD Youth Committee Minutes

                              i.               Elaine motioned and Sharon seconded. There was no discussion.

                            ii.               Motion passed unanimously.

b.   Youth Judging at the Gathering

                              i.               Classes will be held at the Gathering.

                            ii.               Our committee needs to approve the judging forms for these classes before the May Governing Board meeting.

                           iii.               Michelle sent the ALSA youth judging forms to Youth Committee on November 1, 2012, but there was no action at this time.

                         iv.               Michelle will resend these forms to the current Youth committee so that they can be discussed at the next Youth Committee meeting.

                            v.               The Youth Committee wants to encourage as much participation in Youth Judging at the Gathering as possible and there was some discussion on ways to do this.

                          vi.               The committee agreed on the following recommendation to give to the Governing Board: In addition to having Youth Judging as a class that youth can pay to enter for placement and points at the Gathering, we recommend that youth not entered in this class have the option to "audit" the class so that they can participate in the class without paying for the class and with the understanding that they would not receive a placing or points. After the Youth Judging class is over (either that day or the next day depending upon the show schedule), representatives from both the Youth Committee and Judges Committee will offer a clinic for youth and adult advisors/parents about Youth Judging. After the clinic, youth and adult advisors/parents will be taken aside separately to have the judging forms explained.

                         vii.               Members of the Youth Committee that will be available at the Gathering to help with the clinic include: Karen and Matt as time allows, Elaine and Sharon if they are able to come to the Gathering, and Debbie who will serve as both a representative from the Youth Committee as well as being a judge. Michelle cannot attend the Gathering this year because it conflicts with her daughter's high school graduation.

                     viii.               Debbie will submit this recommendation to Phil and Tami (and Mary Jo and Kristy) of the Judges Committee.

c.    ILR Show Division Guidelines Clarification

                              i.               Karen brought up a situation that happened at the Virginia Classic in which a junior youth was disqualified for handling a 2 year old intact male alpaca at the ILR show. The AOBA rules do not prohibit youth from handling intact males. Since this was an ILR show, the youth must follow the ILR Guidelines.

                            ii.               Debbie asked the committee to review the ILR Youth Division section XV of the ILR Guidelines (pages 92-98) because ILR members expect the Youth Committee to know this information if asked at a show. Also, since there is a magnifying glass on the Youth Committee members and their families, children of Youth Committee members must follow the rules.

                         iii.               Michelle will send these pages to the committee to review. Get your copy of the Guidelines and read through what it says about the Youth Division.

                          iv.               Michelle asked if there were copies of the spiral-bound printed guidelines available for sale. Karen said that the ILR office does not keep extra copies of the spiral-bound printed guidelines but all that were printed have already been distributed to judges and apprentice judges.

                           v.               Karen will talk with the ILR office to see if they could offer copies of the spiral-bound printed guidelines for sale each year for a fee that is payable before printing.

II.     New Business

a.    Listing of Youth Judging in the ILR Show Division Guidelines 4.0

                              i.               Youth Judging is still listed as an optional class instead of an ILR-sanctioned class in the ILR Show Division Guidelines (page 95; section XV.G).  There was discussion on how to change the wording.

                            ii.               Elaine motioned (and Matt seconded) to 1) move the entire section "h) Youth Judging . . . while participating." to page 94; section XV.G.3.3 under the section XV.G.3.2  "Youth Performance Classes" and then renumber the next section "Optional Youth Classes" to XV.G.3.4 and 2) to add "e. Judging" under the "Approved Youth Point Classes" on page 93; section XV. F.e.

                           iii.               Motion passed unanimously.

b.    Listing of Youth Scholarships or Grants in the ILR Show Division Guidelines 4.0

                           i.                  On March 4, Leann Benninger emailed the Youth Committee with questions regarding the Senior Youth Scholarship. Specifically, she requested a scholarship application, criteria and deadline for her son that graduates this year.

                         ii.                  Currently there is no money available for educational scholarships and there was some discussion on the topic of how to clarify this section.

                        iii.                  Karen motioned (and Elaine seconded) to add the phrase "and funds are available" at the end of the sentence in the ILR Show Division Guidelines (page 98; section XV.J.2.c).

                       iv.                  Motion passed unanimously.

c.    Michelle will send the approved changes to Karen in the text of an email and as an attachment so that she can bring it to the Governing Board at their meeting in May.

III.        Next ILR-SD Youth Committee Meeting is scheduled for Monday, Apri 1, 2013, at 8:00 pm Eastern. 

IV.     Adjournment

a.    Elaine motioned to adjourn, Sharon seconded the motion; motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

b.    Meeting adjourned at 9:29 pm Eastern Time.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Kutzler, ILR-SD Youth Committee Secretary