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ILR Show Division

September 16, 2013

Time: 8:10 pm Eastern Time

Action items are listed in bold.

In attendance: Sharon Carrier, Karen Baum, Michelle Kutzler, Debbie Shellabarger.

  1. Old Business: Minutes from the last meeting were approved with corrections made by Karen via email and have been sent to the ILR office.

  2. New Business:

    1. Youth judging tests

      1. There has been feedback from parents and judges that the youth judging tests for juniors are too difficult. These tests are based upon the ILR-SD guidelines and the guidelines are written for adults, such that it is difficult for children (ages 7-11) to read and comprehend.

      2. In addition, there have been comments made from older youth that they don’t need to read the guidelines since they don’t have to take a written test.

      3. Michelle made a motion to make the ILR-SD guidelines youth judging test a requirement for intermediate youth (ages 12-15) and instead offer an oral/practical quiz for juniors. The oral/practical quiz would be written by the ILR-SD Youth Committee, would consist of 12 questions for which the judge would select 3 to be used at the show and would include questions such as: describe the differences between a suri and a classic llama, demonstrate how to safely back a llama.

  1. Sharon seconded the motion.

  2. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Michelle then motioned to change the ILR-SD guidelines on Page 96, H. ILR-SD Youth Judging Competition, 4. Process: Change text from “seniors and intermediates only” to “seniors only” and change text from “Juniors will complete a written examination” to “Intermediates will complete a written examination on the ILR-SD Guidelines. Juniors will individually complete a verbal practical test with the judge.”

  1. Sharon seconded the motion.

  2.  Motion passed unanimously.

  3. Michelle will send this motion to the Judges’ Committee for the approval and then it will be sent to the Governing Board.

  1. There was some discussion on what oral and practical questions should be included on the junior youth judging quiz.

  1. Suggestions into for questions should be sent to Michelle by September 23.

  2. Michelle will then collate these questions and send them back to committee for feedback.

  3. The questions need to be sent to the Judges’ committee for their approval as soon as possible so that then the questions can be sent to the Governing board by October 15 (in preparation for the October 22 meeting.

  1. Youth judging manual

  1. Corrections of typos and removal of references to fleece judging were made to the youth judging manual.

  2. Additional changes were made to the manual to reflect the changes in the youth judging tests.

  1. Next ILR-SD Youth Committee Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 8 pm EDT.

  2.  Adjournment

  1.  Sharon motioned to adjourn.

  2. Karen seconded the motion.

  3. Motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

  4. Meeting adjourned at 9:27 pm EDT.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Kutzler, ILR-SD Youth Committee Secretary