December 16, 2008

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December 16, 2008

re: Your input requested by Sunday, December 21, regarding an ILR Show Division

Dear ILR Members,

As you know, the ILR Board has always held the position that the ILR is not a show association and that we had no plans to become a show association. The ILR Board is also well aware of the fact that in the vast majority of livestock registries in North America, the registry division, show division, sales division, marketing division and publication division are all part of the same organization. This organizational scheme allows all parts of the industry to work together for the good of the whole industry.

Recently, the ILR Board has been inundated with requests from members across the country to begin a Show Division within the ILR that could be functional in 2009. In addition, we have already received a valid proposal for a show association from one group of supporters for our consideration and have been told by a second group of supporters that we will receive another proposal in the near future.

Item 4 in the ILR Mission Statement states that the ILR will “ . . .  provide other related member services in response to member needs.”

Because of the numerous requests that have come in, the ILR Board is willing to reconsider its position and explore the possibilities of a show division within the ILR “in response to member needs.” To get a feel for the current support of ILR members for this requested new service, we are asking that you send a short email indicating your support or opposition to this idea to

Make sure your email includes your ILR owner code as only one opinion will be allowed per ILR member. (For those owner codes in which both husband and wife are ILR members under one owner code, two opinions will be allowed.) In addition, please state whether you are currently involved in showing and whether you anticipate joining the new show division if it were to be formed.

Be sure to respond to the above email address by Sunday evening, December 21, so your opinion can be considered when the ILR Board has its conference call early next week. You will receive further correspondence from the ILR Board on this issue next week after the board has had time to review all of the member input.


The ILR Board of Directors

Mark Smith, Mary Jo Miller, Kathi McKinney, Kristy Brown, Karen Baum

ALONE we struggle; TOGETHER we thrive!